Bronchitis Cure – Get Rid of Bronchitis Naturally!


Acute and chronic bronchitis can not only be quite painful and make a person feel miserable for long stretches of time, but it can also result in the loss of work or missing school. Thus, finding a cure for bronchitis is important, especially if you have chronic bronchitis and have had the sickness for quite some time.

First, it is important to understand what bronchitis consists of. Bronchitis is caused by the inflammation of the lining of the membrane that lines the bronchi and bronchial tube in a person’s chest. Thus, if a person has bronchitis, there is usually pain one’s chest, a sore throat, hoarseness, a deep cough, and a thick phlegm or mucus that is released, usually when coughing. Because of the symptoms and because bronchitis is extremely contagious, it is something that definitely needs to be treated as quickly as possible.

Though a person may be put on medicine by his or her doctor, there are other cures for bronchitis. For example, those who have an acute case will most likely be placed on an all fruit diet from anywhere to two to three days. If the person has chronic bronchitis, they may very well be placed on this diet for as long as a week. When this happens, the patient consumes three meals of fruit and juice. Additionally, once this diet is over, the patient is then usually placed on a diet that is as balanced as possible (i.e. think of the food pyramid). It is highly recommended that no matter how badly a person feels, that they should get some exercise during this time to help clear the chest and airways. Thus, daily walks or yoga is suggested by many doctors.

Epsom-salt baths are also recommended for those with bronchitis, especially of the acute variety. To give this bath, it is recommended that two to three pounds of salt be dissolved in 60 liters of water at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This bath is recommended nightly for those with acute bronchitis and is recommended two or three times a week for those with chronic bronchitis.

Additionally, there are some home remedies that many people have found to be helpful for bronchitis. One such remedy is to take a teaspoon of turmeric powder two or three times per day. It is generally thought to be most effective when combined with milk and when taken on an empty stomach.

No matter how you treat bronchitis, it is important that you talk with your doctor before trying any treatments. You not only want to make sure that you are treating yourself with the most effective treatments, but you also want to make sure that what you have is bronchitis. With a doctor’s help, some rest and exercise, and some consistent treatments, you will be cured in no time at all.