Broken Nose – What is This Fracture?

A broken nose is a type of fracture or break that occurs on the bone of the patient's nose. This article briefly mentions general details about the condition, including some possible symptoms, underlying medical causes, diagnosis methods, and options for treatment. If you suspect a broken nose, or complications arising from one, please look for qualified assistance. The information on this page is not professional medical advice, nor is it intended to be used in place of such.

Amongst the potential symptoms, pain in the nose is one common item. The nose may appear different than normal, with some kind of bend or crookedness. Bruises may show up both on the nose and below the eyes – as black eyes. The nose may bleed – known as epistaxis – and may also be tender to the touch. Additionally, there can be difficulty breathing through the nasal passage. These are only some of the possible symptoms, as others can also be found in this condition. Additionally, a broken nose can occur despite the patient not having all of these symptoms.

Any one of a variety of causes can lead to a fraction like this. When enough force is executed on the nose, it can lead to a break. Falling down is one possibility, as are accidents on bicycles or motor vehicles. A broken nose is also a common occurrence during a fight.

Diagnosis is generally made by an examination of the area. Treatment options may vary, but in standard cases, a doctor may recommend only at-home care, including ice held in a cloth and applied to the broken nose, pain killers, etc. More severe breaches, instances with other injuries, or complications arising from the condition may lead to consideration of other treatment methods.