Breathing New Growth Into Your Life

I was walking home one evening in downtown Vancouver, BC, was thinking of nothing, just walking…breathing. I was walking on a bridge and I looked over to my left and saw a bird drinking from a puddle of water on a rooftop of an apartment building.

When I initially saw the bird taking a drink from the puddle, I immediately got an inspired thought…or perhaps a message.

The thought I had was: the bird could fly wherever it wants to go and its needs will always be met. It doesn’t fear flying to a different location because it doesn’t worry whether its basic needs will be taken care of. It is living its life fully in the present moment.

At the time I saw this, I was already beginning to make some major changes in my life and I was worrying about my finances and if MY needs would be met.

Seeing that bird drinking from the puddle served as a great reminder for me.

I knew that if I focus on the present moment and follow my inspirations without fear of failing, my basic needs would be met and more.

What I mean by basic needs is the ability to pay for rent/mortgage, car payments, food, clothing, etc…

This is something that I put into practice and proved a few years earlier, but it just slipped my mind, luckily the Universe reminded me.

A few years ago, I proved to myself that being in the present moment and acting upon my intuition without letting fear control my decisions actually improved my life and brought about positive growth more quickly.

An example of this is when I was working at a job that I did not like at all and I was unhappy and dreaded going to work every morning. I felt that it was in my best interest to quit and find a more fulfilling job. Against all advice from my family and friends, I quit my job without having another lined up. But I knew that I could get a better job, so I didn’t fear my decision of quitting and I had patience and took my time looking for a new job.

And wouldn’t you know it, I found a new job that was better in some way then the previous one. I did this a few times, and now I work for a company that I like and respect. Plus I started this website and do healing on the side, which I will do full-time in the near future.

All the while, my needs were ALWAYS met. Both in expected and unexpected ways.

So my message is this. Don’t fear change, Love it!

Go after your goals without worrying if you will achieve them. Trust in yourself and trust that you will be taken care of as long as you do what is necessary, which is, live in the present moment and act upon your inspirations.

Don’t worry if your mind is chaotic right now, it only takes a breath to be in the present moment.

Love yourself, Love what you do, and the Universe will Love you back…as it always does.