Breath Odor


You lean in close and she moves back … ugh … Dragon breath. No one wants to be known as the "bad breath person". If you have bad breath odor you know how embarrassing it is. You have probably tried everything from mouth wash to gum without success. You notice that people avoid sitting by you in meetings. They avoid leaving in close to show you reports at your desk.

There are a number of causes of bad breath. The foremost cause is bacteria in the mouth. Other causes are stomach and intestinal disorders, bowel sluggishness, sinus or throat infections, and tobacco and alcohol use, and dry mouth.

For the majority of people, the single most frequent cause of breath odor problems is bacteria that live in the mouth. Bacteria are living organisms (germs) that live in your mouth and feed on the same food that you eat. And just like you, they excrete waste. However they use your mouth for their toilet. Yes, that is right … not a very pleasant thought is it? The bacterial waste or excrement is sulfur compounds which readily give off an odor just like the sulfur compounds in rotten eggs.

For most of us the bacteria that cause our bad breath live on the surface of our tongue. There is only one real way to totally eliminate the problem. That is to attack the source. Typical breath refreshing products simply mask the smell with a stronger smell. Quite often the combination can really be disastrous.

Take a look at your tongue. In many cases you can actually see a whitish coating on the surface. This whiter this layer usually appears even denser the further back on the tongue you look. This stuff is plaque and it is full of bacteria that cause bad breath odor. People who tongues are grooved or furrowed will be more likely to accumulate a bacteria rich coating, than those who have a smoother tongue.

Your breath will not smell better on its own, or just cure itself overnight. If you do not take action you will continue to suffer the consequences of halitosis. You will go through life hesitating and embarrassed to open your mouth, and afraid to get close to anyone.

You can cure your problem easier than you may think, and you can start with the easiest place to attack … your mouth. Begin your attack by thoroughly brushing your teeth and your tongue front to back. Brush your gums around the base of each tooth. You should spend three to five minutes thoroughly brushing and cleaning your entire mouth. The object is to clean … not just brush.

Imagine what it would feel like to have confidence close up and personal. Imagine what it feels like to actually have "good smelling breath".