Breastfeeding Mommies Equals No Diabetes

"Breast milk is still best for babies under two years," the pediatrician says. And a mother must believe it because not only is it advisable for her child's health, it also lessens the chance of her getting diabetes.

Women who breastfeed have less chances of suffering from diabetes. A study conducted by the World Health Organization shows that more than 1.5 million babies die because they are not breast-fed. These are babies from third world countries. Their mothers' health are also in jeopardy that they do not have enough nutrition or milk in their bodies to save themselves themselves nor their babies.

These social workers who educate mothers often travel to the developing countries such as Nigeria and teach them the proper way to care for themselves and their infants. Good parenting at a young age would also result in the proper mental development of their baby.

That's why people must be educated when it comes to how important breastfeeding is for the infant and the mother. Not only is this beneficial for the baby's health, it will also have a good effect on the emotional aspect of the mother-child relationship. Breastfeeding is an early form of mother-child bonding that could occur at this young stage of the baby's life.

Some mothers prefer pumping their milk to a machine because it hurts them when the child bites into their nipples. That must not be the case. It takes some getting use to. Breastfeeding will give the child the nurture, the love and the care that she describes to have. Activists on the situation are suggesting a movement to a decree that announces neglect on mothers who stop breastfeeding their children who are less than two years old.

There are some mothers who rush on to their daily activities that they prefer the bottle-feeding than breastfeeding-feeding. This often applies to a high-powered career woman. As much as possible, she must also fit into her schedule the time for her child.

Some mothers believe that the good thing about bottled milk is that it has water and breast milk has less. However, breast milk also has water. The water contained in breast milk is in fact healthier for the infant than water that us adults drink. Notice also that babies sleep better after they are breast-fed than after they are bottle-fed.

Breast milk prevents diarrhea. Diarrhea is a disease that often attacks babies. Developing countries lose a lot of their newly-borns to this disease.

Breast milk also helps the child grow properly making him less prone to infections. The child will also be more intelligent because his being breast-fed allowed his brain to develop better.

As for the women, there is a link to diabetes and breast-feedings. Women who engage in breastfeeding-feeding their child will not have diabetes. While they're feeding their babies, they are lactating. Therefore, the hormones they release in this process protect her against anemia and cancer.

To sum it up, breast-feed your child. Not only will you and your child be healthy, you will also have bonding time together. It helps to start training your child now at a young age because there's a lot of room for improvement and development. Also, the mother has something to benefit from this practice. She would not have diabetes.

If scheduling is the problem, it's all about time management. When your child is about to go to college and off to an Ivy League school, you know your hard work paid off.