Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

After undergoing a breast augmentation the next major step is to deal with the recovery from the surgery. When it comes to the breast augmentation recovery there are several things you must be aware of and ready to deal with.

For starters you will have to deal with the immediate postoperative recovery from your breast augmentation. This period consist of the side effects associated with the anesthesia that was used during the procedure. While not always performed under general anesthesia, it is in most cases and therefore you will have to deal with the psychedelic responses that your body has to the anesthesia. Remember to maintain your composure as the last thing anyone wants is to hear is how much you love sodium pentothal.

You are most likely going to have immediate discomfort as a result of the procedure. Make sure that you have someone trustworthy to pick you up from the clinic then immediately go out and get you your prescribed medications as these will help not only speed up the recovery but also to make sure you stay comfortable.

Since the length of the breast augmentation lasts about one to one and a half hours in length you may also want to stretch your legs following the procedure but make sure that the effects of the general anesthetic has worn off and that someone is with you. Although it is suggested to get plenty of rest, it is perfectly fine to take short and easy strolls around your home only.

Length of surgery:

The actual procedure takes 1-1 1/2 hours. However, the length of time you will be in the operating room will be longer.

Chances are that you will also have to deal with swelling in the chest area as a result of your breast augmentation so please make sure you take your prescribed antibiotics as they will help control the swelling. This swelling will usually peak after about three or five days following the breast augmentation surgery and then gradually fade away after that.

Bruising is not a common side effect that you will have to deal with. In most cases women who undergo breast augmentations will see no bruising but that does not mean that it cannot happen so just be prepared for it in case it does.