Brain Tumor Symptoms

My father recently was diagnosed with a brain  tumor , and he exhibited some of normal Brain  Tumor  Symptoms. However he did not have all the typical symptoms of a brain  tumor , this is quite common for someone to only exhibit a selection of the normal brain  tumor  symptoms.

So what are the brain  tumor  symptoms you should look out for?

Brain  Tumor  Symptoms are very much related to where in the brain the  tumor  is located.

This is a short summary of what symptoms are related to which part of the brain.

Frontal lobe –  Tumors  in the Frontal lobe can cause the following: changes in personality or intellect, unco-ordination especially in walking, some weakness usually in one side of the body, some speech difficulties.

Parietal lobe –  Tumors  in the Parietal lobe can cause the following: difficulty in understanding words reading and writing, problems with movements especially co-ordination of movements, disorientation

numbers and calculations, weakness on one side of the body.

Occipital lobe –  Tumors  in the Occipital lobe can cause the following: vision impairment especially on one side.

Temporal lobe –  Tumors  in the Temporal lobe can cause the following: Fits, strange feelings like fear or familiarity like dé jà vu, unusual smells, blackouts, difficulties with speech, memory problems.

Cerebellum –  Tumors  in the Cerebellum can cause the following: Co-ordination affecting walking and speech, unsteadiness, involuntary movement of the eyes – flickering, vomiting and nausea, neck stiffness.

Brain stem –  Tumors  in the Brain Stem can cause the following: Unsteadiness usually un-coordinated walking, Facial weakness can be one-sided smile or eyelid that droops, vision issues usually double vision, speaking and swallowing difficulties.

As you can see the different  tumors  exhibit different symptoms.

You need to look out for any brain  tumor  symptoms and if there appears to be a problem get it check by a qualified medical person immediately.