Brain Cancer

Everyone fears the word cancer. However most types of cancers can be beaten, if you catch it soon soon enough, and even if you do not there are new treatments coming out by the minute everyday that will help you fight and successfully beat cancer. There are however some types of cancers that are more complex in nature than others, brain cancer is the one we're speaking of and the one we will be focusing on.

Two types of known brain cancer exist, namely: Primary brain cancer (these generally initiate in the brain), Primary brain cancer almost never moves to any other part of the body, so death is brought on by uncontrollable tumor growth within the brain cavity. Then you get metastatic brain cancer or otherwise known as secondary brain cancer (this type of cancer originates in other parts of the body and get transported or should we say it migrates to the brain that causing the person to circum to secondary brain cancer.

In some cases the patient will not know they have brain cancer until its too late, so know what symptoms to look out for is vital when it comes to any type tumor or cancer.

However, before we go there, let's take a look at the know causes of brain cancer. The main known cause of brain cancer is the continuous contact with vinyl chloride. Then there are things like pipes, car parts, furniture, wire coatings, and other house wares that contain a substance called carcinogen. Patients who suffer from a long standing battle with melanoma, colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, and lung cancer are all at risk of being or getting secondary brain cancer.

If you think that you might have brain cancer here are some things to look out for, be sure to do a check regularly and please get yourself to a doctor for a detailed check at least once every three months (or as directed by your doctor) . A brain tumor has the tendency to obstructive the flow or the brains cerebral fluids, or cerebrosinal fluid (this has the devastating result of the buildup hydrocephalus and can thus increase intercranial pressure, which leads to vomiting, nausea and sever headaches.

Brain cancer also leads to impaired judgment, memory loss, reduced mind capacity, vision loss; sever behavior changes, swelling of the optic nerve and impaired smell sense. If you suffer from any of these get yourself to a trained doctor immediately.