Brachialis and Brachioradialis in Neck Related Elbow Pain


Neck pain due to C5, C6 nerve root irritation will also lead to pain in the brachialis. The pain will be felt in the front of the arm deep to the biceps muscle with elbow pain.

It arises from the lower two thirds of the front of the arm bone (humerus) and attaches to the top of the forearm bone (ulnar coronoid process). The nerve supply to the brachialis is the musculocutaneous nerve and the radial nerve carrying the C5, C6 nerve root fibers to this muscle.

This muscle is usually involved in shortening contractions since it bends the elbow and is thus a second tier muscle for treatment in C5, C6 nerve root irritation.

The first tier muscles for treatment are the muscles exposed to constant lengthening contractions such as the deltoid, teres major, and the latissimus dorsi muscles.


Presence of neck pain with C5, C6 nerve root irritation causes pain in the elbow related to spasm of the brachioradialis muscle which receives the C5, C6 spinal never root fibers through the radial nerve.

It is one of the muscles of the wad of three together with extensor cup by radialis longus and brevis. Pain and spasm in these muscles will give significant elbow pain.

This muscle arises from the outer edge of the lower part of the arm bone (humerus) and inserts into the far end of the forearm bone (radius).

Bending the elbow in most activities of daily living is usually performed with the forearm in a midway position between palm up and palm down positions where the thumb side is uppermost. These positions include lifting, writing, eating etc.

Therefore, brachioradialis is repetitively over used in many activities of daily living. In the presence of C5, C6 nerve root irritation, it becomes weak and thus more prone to injury.

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