Bowen Therapy – Tom Bowen's Legacy

Tom Bowen's collaboration with Oswald (Ossie) Rentsch.

Working closely with Tom Bowen, Ossie began documenting Mr. Bowen's technique. Diligently Ossie took notes and sketched diagrams to correctly reflect the work he saw being performed.

Progress was painstakingly slow. Often what Ossie thought he'd seen turned out to be an inaccurate interpretation of Tom Bowen's work.

All of the movements and procedures were originally approved by Tom Bowen and compiled into a manual.

During Tom Bowen's life he only taught four other people, including Ossie Rentsch, in his technique.

Before his death Tom Bowen cave his blessings to Ossie for teaching the technique. Ossie promised him, "Before I die, your name will be known around the world."

After Tom Bowen's passing in 1982 Ossie kept his promise, teaching the first seminar of Bowen's technique in 1986. Since then trainings have been connected around the world with more than 10,000 practitioners, representing over 25 countries.

As of 2006 Bowen Therapy as developed from the work of Tom Bowen by Ossie and Elaine Rentsch of Victoria, Australia is now a nationally recognized training in Australia. It's registeredd name is Bowtech and the Trademark design for the work is Bowenwork.

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