Bowel Cleanse to Improve Health

A regular bowel cleanse is a great way to keep healthy and fit. Bowel cleansing differs to colon cleansing in that a bowel cleanse refers to the cleansing of the entire digestive tract which extends from the base of the stomach to the rectum. Colon cleansing is actually only a cleansing of the lower section of the bowel which is the colon itself.

The bowel consists of the small and large intestines, which can again be subdivided into the a total of 5 segments which are the duodenum,jejunum, ilium, cecum and colon. As can be seen the colon is in fact only one small part of the alimentary canal which forms the bowel and hence a cleansing of the colon is only cleansing the lower part of the alimentary canal.

Bowel cleansing is usually performed through the use of herbal medications which are taken orally. It is advised that cleansing is performed using a clinically tested and proven treatment, such as Bowltrol, in order to achieve optimum results from the cleanse procedure. The cleanse is usually a course of tablets that are taken orally and which perform a thorough cleansing of the intestines.

A good Bowel cleanse will remove the build up of old fecal matter that builds up through time and lines the alimentary canal, resulting in decaying matter transmitting toxins into the body. This build up of plaque also becomes a breeding ground to intestinal parasites and worms. Additionally the plaque forms a barrier that prevents optimal nutrition uptake, which explains why many people constantly feel sluggish no matter how healthy they are eating.

Bowel cleansing assists in weight loss through the removal of the plaque build up in the intestines, and then by increasing energy levels through increased nutritional uptake, which in turn speed up the metabolism.

If you have never had a proper bowel cleanse, then I would like to suggest to you that your life will be changed for the better from the minute that you undergo a proper cleanse. Beware of some of the cheap home formula’s that you may come across, as they tend to be nauseating and will put you off of cleansing for life, which would be  detrimental to your health.