Bone Healing with Laser Therapy Treatments


Low-level laser therapy is a painless and noninvasive treatment which uses a laser device that is cleared for the general market by FDA regulations.  This device puts out a low intensity phonic energy that works at the cell and tissue levels to reduce pain and swelling, and promote healing.  

Among many other purposes, low-level laser therapy can promote bones healing and also reduce pain and swelling associated with bone injury.  Basically, the low-level laser initiates the bone cells activity and the energy enhances cell regeneration.  Cell regeneration, then, increase blood flow and decrease inflammation.  

The procedure is very simple and painless.  Basically, the low-level laser device is either held in place or gently moved it around the injured area for a certain length of time specified by your doctor.  Initially, a physical will administer the treatment to go over the procedure and answer all your questions regarding your injury and recovery.  Once he reviews the low-level laser treatment procedures with you, you will perform the treatment from home on your own.  Your recovery period will depend on the extent of your injury.  However, most people notice a relief in pain and swelling almost immediately.  And according to many personal accounts and research, low-level laser therapy has been known to speed up the healing of broken or fractured bone/s two times faster than without the use of low-level laser therapy.

Though low-level therapy is still in the experimental stages, there has been significant healing and pain relieving results seen from who have chosen this treatment.  Those that could benefit from the healing and pain relieving capability of low-level laser therapy for bone related issues are:

•    Those with broken or fractures bones
•    Those who recently had orthopedic surgery
•    Those suffering from bone issues, such as those dealing with arthritis pain
•    Those in any industry that deals with bone injury, such as in sports medicine and physical therapy

Low-level laser therapy and percussor treatment is not used by every doctor.  In fact, there are many who do not yet know of the benefits of using low-level laser therapy.  Therefore, if you think you could benefit from this therapy, you should research a doctor in your area who specializes in low-level laser therapy.