Bone Healing Miracle Review – My review of Margaret Davison's great book!

Hi, I’m Kerry Howard and I have to tell you about the Bone Healing Miracle that fixed my broken fingers. I am a full time chef and I keep a very safe kitchen, but one dinner time a very careless maitre d bumped into me while I was tenderising a steak. I don’t need to draw you a picture as to what happened next, but it was painful and upsetting – I hadn’t missed a day of work in five years and here I was facing six weeks out of the kitchen according to the doctors. I wasn’t going to lose my job – although the maitre d came pretty close to getting fired – but it was still annoying.

All I could think about was getting back to work. I started looking online for ways to heal quicker – which was a job in itself, typing with one hand! I found Margaret Davison’s Bone Healing Miracle and I was intrigued. I had a bit of spare time so I ordered the guide and set to reading it. I read about what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t – it hurt to stop having hot baths but it was a sacrifice worth making when the doctors looked at my X-rays after twenty-five days and told me that the bone fracture was totally fixed.

The doctor really didn’t know what to day. He had sworn blind that I would be out of the kitchen for six weeks, and maybe more, and here I was fully healed in just over half the time. But following his advice and the advice in this book really paid off for me and I was back at work much sooner than I expected. I made sure he double and triple checked, and each time he came back with the same news – “You’re good to go, just check over your shoulder next time you’re tenderising something!”.

I can’t really find words to explain how grateful I am – and the same goes for my husband. I release a lot of tension in the kitchen and I wasn’t fun to live with for those three and a half weeks – although he learned fairly quickly to speak to me after my daily aromatherapy session, when I was usually a lot more serene.