Bocce Ball Sets – Different Materials Result in Different Qualities

Bocce ball sets represent equipment sold to people who play the sport of bocce. A set generally comes with eight bocce balls, a smaller ball called a pallino, a generic rule book, and a carrying bag or case. In the below paragraphs, we will cover the three main categories of bocce sets and their differences.

Composite Resin Bocce Ball Sets

The highest quality and most expensive bocce ball sets are made of composite resin. Resin most commonly comes in two forms, natural and synthetic. Natural resin comes from plants and is sticky and durable when dried. Pine sap is an example of a natural resin. Synthetic resin is a manufactured resin. Synthetic resin is more stable and cheaper than natural resin because it is easier to refine and created in a controlled environment.

Because composite resin is more durable than plastic, resin sets are more expensive. They typically start around $60 and run well north of $100. They are most commonly purchased by serious players that play in tournaments and leagues on a regular basis.

Plastic Molded Bocce Ball Sets

Plastic molded bocce ball sets are sets made of plastic. They are not as durable as resin-based sets and are more prone to cracking and splitting under heavy use. They typically range between $30 and $50. They are commonly purchased by casual players consisting of families and friends that enjoy playing bocce in the backyard as well as players looking for a cheap entry into the sport.

Water-Filled Bocce Ball Sets

Water-filled bocce ball sets are self-explanatory. They are made of molded plastic, but with a twist. Instead of being solid, the centers of the balls are hollow. To weigh down the balls and allow for play, the player fills them with water.

Water-filled sets are inexpensive and usually cost $40 or less including shipping. They are relatively cheap for a few reasons. First, they are made of molded plastic. Plastic is inexpensive to use in manufacturing once the dyes are created and paid for. Secondly, the inside of the balls are hollow, requiring less plastic to manufacture. As with the plastic molded sets listed above, water-filled bocce sets are generally purchased by casual players that want to enjoy playing bocce with friends and family and not pay north of $100 to do it.


The above three categories represent most of the available bocce sets on the market today. Wood, glow sets, and indoor cushion sets also exist and can be purchased, but represent the niche markets of bocce sets. When choosing a bocce set for purchase, the above categories will help in determining if you need to purchase a high quality, expensive set or a lower quality, inexpensive set.