Bnai Zion Medical Center



Eventually with the financial support of Bnai Zion, the hospital was renamed the Bnai Zion Medical Center in 1988. The hospital has a long history of service to the people of Israel. In its early days, it was known primarily as a facility for the treatment of children with developmental disorders. In 1948, during the War of Independence, it was the only medical facility in Haifa available to treat the wounded. It met a desperate, emergency situation head-on; injured soldiers and civilians were accommodated in tents and makeshift huts on hospital grounds and at the Technion.

In 1982, Bnai Zion Foundation presented an initial contribution to the hospital, which enabled the opening of its new Emergency Room and made a commitment to raise the funds needed to complete the West Wing Project. In 1988, recognizing its $5 million contribution, and in honor of Bnai Zion’s 80th anniversary, the hospital was renamed the Bnai Zion Medical Center.

The hospital is affiliated with the B. Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion (Israel’s Institute of Technology) and serves as a teaching hospital for its students.  Many of the hospital’s department heads and senior physicians are on the faculty of the Technion and are associated with its varied and wide-ranging medical research activities.


The Bnai Zion Medical Center, located on Mt. Carmel in Haifa was voted leading Medical facility, offering high-quality health care in Northern Israel. It expanded to a 450-bed general hospital facility, dedicated to meeting the needs of a growing population that reaches from Haifa to the neighboring villages throughout the North.

The hospital was in the forefront of treatment for frontline victims of the recent war with Hezbollah and other terrorist bombings.


A recent survey conducted by the Macabi Health Insurance Company rated the Bnai Zion Medical Center well above the national average. Patients have praised the medical staff, their professionalism, the admission procedures and efforts to relieve pain, and consider the Bnai Zion Medical Center as an outstanding hospital.

The hospital has been presented with the most prestigious Israeli award given to a hospital in Israel: The Bnai Zion Medical Center has been voted the number one hospital of choice in North Israel for eight consecutive years.  Its doctors are known worldwide for the development of groundbreaking treatments and techniques.