Blossoming With The Spring – The Art Of Deliberate Renewal

Today is the day to remember my greatest vision of myself, today is
the day to rebirth my self with the Spring.

All the seasons have their teachings but springtime is by far the most
inspiring. In summer we are active, hot and fiery, it is the most
passionate and energetic time of year. The autumn comes reminding us
to gather our harvests, to celebrate the abundance we have reaped and
to prepare for the long nights ahead. The winter is our sacred time
to rest, to incubate, to sleep, to ponder life and restore our inner
strength. And then Spring, beauteous Spring, our greatest mirror and
metaphor for the rebirth of life. This is the time of awakening,
blossoming and opening, the time for creativity, play and pleasure; as
the world is a flutter with flowers and color, the beauty of Spring
inspires us towards our true potential, our ability to bloom and grow.

Like the seeds of a flower, we incubate during sleep ready to blossom
into fullness upon awakening. Every morning we awakened to a new day and
a new way to think and act out our lives. In fact every moment of
everyday we have the freedom to choose who and what we want to be. It
is always the first day of Spring, we at choice to choose ourselves

To re-create your life, to rebirth to the greatest aspects of yourself
you can begin by asking yourself three basic questions. These
questions begin with "In my deepest heart" …..

1) Who am I?

2) What do I want?

3) Who do I want to be?

The primary question of "Who am I"? Is the most powerful, for within
This question is the seed to the truth of your being. "Who are you?"
Say it aloud, and allow the answers to come forth from within.
Answering this question is substantial because your seedling potential is
here; for you are who you say you are! It is up to you to tell the
world and yourself your ultimate truth. You are the master of your
thoughts and therefore of your life, who you choose to be is a gift
you give to yourself and the world. So my dearest ones, choose wisely
and always say the best things about yourself.

When I ask myself this question these are some of my answers: I am a
beautiful woman inside and out. I am a teacher, a healer, a Goddess.
I am a lover of nature, a creative woman and a being of love. How
about you? Who are you?

As you recognize who you are, it is easier to know what you want.
From the deepest core of your heart I ask you "What do you want?" Do
you want to feel loved, valued and appreciated? Do you want to feel
more successful? Get specific with yourself. In your deepest heart of
hearts what is your soul calling for?

When you add the answers of these two powerful questions together you
then have a greater understanding of who you want to be. This is the
key to your resolve renewal. What is the greatest aspect of the
grandest vision you hold for yourself? How can you align who you are
with what you want, to create who you want to be?

It is my belief that inner work is the way to outer changes; inner
work is where your personal magic takes hold. All you must do is take
the first step. Start knowing yourself as who you want to be as if
you are already there. For instance, if you want to be in partnership,
then everyday see yourself, feel yourself, believe yourself in
partnership, call it to you and expect it to be so. Use the power of
clear, decent statements to propel you towards who you want to be.
For all of your abundance comes from who you say you are. One thing
leads to the next and before you know it your life is blossoming in
the way you want it to. Many Springtime blessings to you.

Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth
Let there be Beauty and Strength within YOU!