Blood Pressure Effects – Short and Long Terms Effects of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is real and very damaging. Doctors refer to it as the silent killer. I will tell you in this article what are the effects does hypertension have on your body.

Having blood pressure is like connecting a normal garden hose to a fire hydrant. There is extreme pressure placed on the walls of your vessel like there is extreme pressure of the water on the hose walls. This will cause leaks and breaks to occur. The way this affects your body is through the treaties. Since blood runs through the entire body, your entire body is affected by high blood pressure.

Your eyes are affected as well since they contain very small blood vessels. They are very easy to rupture. Even a small hit can cause them to rupture. When these rupture, the blood spreads. People often confuse this with a problem of the eyes. More often than not, eye doctors are the ones who diagnose people with hypertension. If your blood pressure gets too high, you can go blind.

High blood pressure increases the chance of you having a stroke. This is due to the large network of blood vessels in your brain. With the higher pressure running through your vessels, there is a greater chance of one of these vessels rupturing and causing a stroke. You are 5 times more likely to have a stroke if you are diagnosed with this ailment.

Another organ that is directly affected by high blood pressure is your heart. Your heart must work harder to pump the blood. This causes your heart to basically become stronger and become thicker. The muscle in the heart becomes thicker and it extremely leaves the heart inefficient and prone to heart failure. When the heart muscle becomes thicker, the heart becomes susceptible to arterial deposits. This can lead to death due to a heart attack.

Another organ affected are your kidneys. Kidneys are the organs that filter your blood. With this ailment, your kids could fail and you can end up on dialysis. It is calculates that approximately one fourth of the people on dialysis die because of it.