Blood Platelets Low? Increase Platelets Naturally

Are your blood platelets low and you need to be careful not to congratulate or cut yourself? Are you under doctors care and yet you are unable to make any sustainable progress to increase your platelet count? Are you on prescription medications that have annoying or even serious side effects? Is possible surgery in your future? If you are experiencing any of these issues or maybe some not mentioned here I would like to tell you that not only are you not alone but you also have options you may not be aware of. You can increase platelets naturally.

Having ones blood platelets low is more common than you might think. Many with this condition have been able to increase platelets using natural methods. When I say "natural" I am referring to methods with little if any nasty side effects. Treatments that correct the source of platelet dysfunction and not just mask the symptoms. The medical field has been using the same "default" treatments for over twenty years and will even remove your spleen as one of the first attempts to stop platelet destruction. What is up with that?

If you find your blood platelets low it could be from an aggressive immune system. Immune systems that attack the body organs or functions are called autoimmune diseases. For example I have Lupus, an autoimmune disease that, in my case, attacks the soft tissues around my joints causing arthritic type of pain, stiffness and weakness. My dangers are confused and working against me instead of for me. In ITP disorder (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) the immune system attacks the blood platelets reducing them to dangerous levels.

Standard medical treatments suppress the whole immune system and walk a fine line of possibly damaging it permanently. These treatments can leave you forever dependent on stereoids and antibiotics. Natural treatments correct immunities and contribute to your overall health without all the unwanted side effects. In fact natural methods can help you get off of standard treatments such as steroid therapy while you are still under doctors care.

The secret to increase platelets naturally is to do testing and research to identify the triggers, what is the root cause affecting your immunities. Many times it is a collection of things that are confusing your body. Once this is done you can concentrate on avoiding exposure and using proper diet and herbs to build up your immunities without damage to blood platelet count.

Things are slowly changing in the medical field. More and more doctors are starting to take a more nutritional approach to raising their patients. I suggest finding a nutritionally orientated or naturopathic doctor to cooperate with you to increase platelets naturally.