Bleach For Toenail Fungus – Everything You Need to Know


Using only bleach for toenail fungus had been a fairly accepted remedy, but it has lost some of its interest to home remedies like vinegar, Vicks and Listerine for toe nail fungus. Using a 50/50 dilution of bleach and water is the most utilized treatment by soaking your feet and/or toenails, but there are other solutions that men and women have used.

The main problem as with a lot of the toe nail fungus home remedies is the duration of time and dedication to following through with the therapy. You constantly need to soak your feet 1 to 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes over a number of months. It needs a great deal of willpower to keep up with the care, but those who have been able to stay with it saw their nail fungus improve.

There are some people who believe that putting bleach on toe nail fungus is just as beneficial as soaking the toenails in bleach. They claimed it was safer due do to the fact that you aren’t subjecting your complete foot to the harsh chemicals of the bleach. If I were to use bleach on my toe nail fungus then I would likely first try applying it instead of just soaking it and if that did not work then I’d have a shot at soaking my toes.

What it really boils down to is being sure to use a watered down blend of bleach and water because both of these are potential treatment options. If you don’t dilute the bleach enough then you run the risk of burning the skin on your feet so be careful.

Within the toenail fungus forums I’ve discovered a lot of men and women who’ve successfully used bleach for toenail fungus. I also found a lot of responses saying that to bleach toe nail fungus is basically masking the problem. They said that using bleach to kill toenail fungus is just changing the color of the nail to white and not truly healing it, which can be giving them a false feeling of security.