Bladder Stones – The Possible Complications

Patients are generally unaware of why bladder stones occur. An otherwise healthy individual can develop stones in the bladder, kidneys or gallbladder without knowing about the causes. These mainly consist of minerals that have crystallized and formed solid structures. Although foreign particles in the urinary bladder can cause the formation of solid crystals, they mainly occur due to crystallization of certain constituents in the body. This is more common in men and begins with common symptoms like abdominal pain. The individual also finds it difficult to urinate and at times, blood may be seen in expelling urine out of the body.

There are two categories of complications that can occur due to bladder stones. If they are ignored, they can result in dysfunction of the bladder. This can be chronic in nature resulting in frequent and recurrent urinary problems. Passing urine becomes difficult as the passage is blocked. Since the urethra is involved, urinary tract is affected. This may result in infections. Infections can lead to severe problems. As a consequence of stone crystals in the body for long, they may trigger cancerous nature in cells. Bladder cancer development is possible in future. Medical services are available for detection and testing of such a condition, and this should be done after consultation with your health care expert.

Besides this, hydronephrosis is another type of complication which is possible in the absence of appropriate treatement. Due to the obstruction in the ureter, the flow of urine from the kidney becomes restricted. As a result of this, pooling begins to occur in the kidneys where in the urine begins to collect in the kidneys instead of the bladder. This is a very critical condition which may even cause alterations in the hormonal balance of the body. Some patients may even develop Reflux nephropathy due to the back flow of excretory liquid. This is again a very critical disorder where the organ may be completely and permanently damaged. However, other causes can also be responsible for these complications.

Bladder stones hence affect the bladder in such a way that voluntary removal of waste liquid is not possible by the individual. This may lead to retention of excretory material in the anatomy. Severe health problems may be stimulated. Since this is a very vital function of the body, it is important to be treated correctly at the correct time. One must not compromise on the medical services and treatment.