Black Spots in the Eye – Cause and Natural Treatment

Black spots in the eye are pretty common and in most cases aren’t serious. They are otherwise known as floaters as they have the tendency to float around in and out of the field of vision. They are generally more noticeable when in a light environment (for example being outside in the sunshine) and when looking at light surfaces. The shape, behaviour and size of the floaters vary from person to person – some people have described them as being similar to roads on the map, whilst others compare them to a large number of small circular grains.

Whilst the cause of these black spots haven’t been proven despite many studies, scientists believe that the shadows or black spots that you see in your eyesight are caused by dead cells (including red and white blood cells) and small particles of vitreous protein that are dark enough to cast a shadow on the retina.

Seriousness of Black Spots in the Eye

In the majority of cases, floaters are nothing to be worried about and can be nothing more than a minor irritation. However, if you’ve suddenly experienced a rapid accumulation of black spots over a short period of time then some studies suggest that you may have more permanent damage such as a retina break or a haemorrhage in the vitreous body of the eye. In this case you seek the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist without delay.

In some instances the black floaters can be prominent enough to obscure the vision of an individual even to the point of disabling that person. Again, it is recommended that you seek professional advice regarding the condition just to make sure that you don’t a more serious underlying problem.

Options for Treatment

There are a number of things that you can do to remove the black spots from your vision. The most effective method is surgery however it is quite an invasive procedure, doesn’t come without risk, costs quite a lot of money and should be taken through private healthcare and requires substantial recovery time after the operation. I would only recommend that this option is considered if the black floaters are hampering your vision to the point of being a disability.

Natural means of removing floaters are being increasingly used and many people have reported good results from supplementation of various substances that are used within the eye to promote healing and the production of new tissue. The most successful results have been obtained by combining a series of eye exercises (usually following William Bates’ guidelines) with supplementation of substances like lutein.

In Summary

The large majority who suffer from black spots in the eye don’t have anything to worry about for the long term health of their eye or vision. If you’re starting to feel that your floaters are hampering your vision in certain situations then it’s certainly worth experimenting with natural ways to remove them as results can usually be attained within as little as a few weeks. More serious vision obscuring floaters that have appeared abruptly could well be a sign of an underlying retina break or haemorrhage and professional advice should be sought immediately.