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BlackBerryTorch9800 multi-mapanalytical through a comprehensive understanding of blackberry BlackBerry 9800

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BlackBerry Torch9800 multi-map resolution blackberry 9800 Photos appreciation

August 3 is bound to be big day for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the official release OS 6, let's dizzying.The latest BlackBerry Torch 9800 operating system with OS 6, and is the first BlackBerry slider, touch and full keyboard, the ultra gorgeous combination of products, from RIM officially announced the flagship BlackBerry Torch 9800 since, including various domestic and international CCTVmedia have given the full attention and coverage, impact really is not small.Today editor for everyone to bring more than one chart analysis, the hope it will not let you fatigue.

Positive first-come a picture according to Torch 9800

Continue blackberry all keyboard design

US mobile operator AT & T is RIM Torch 9800 phone's exclusive carrier, Torch 9800 by RIM's latest BlackBerry OS 6 system.BlackBerry 9800 Torch is the world's first full touch screen with integrated experience and features a full keyboard BlackBerry smart phones.Browse the Internet, you can use the navigation touch pad to contact with the optical zoom in or make online surfing more smooth, it can be said, BlackBerry Torch allows the user to carry out any way they want to communicate.

The appearance of a new generation of back cover

Slide, you'll hear the crisp sound

Experience the full touch screen and full keyboard smart phone

Blackberry has always been full QWERTY keyboard

Is not feeling a little twins?

Twins? We look at the next turn

BlackBerry OS 6 system will provide the first full-screen BlackBerry browser, and social network integration and the general search services.BlackBerry Torch 9800 using a 3.2-inch 480 × 360 resolution touch screen, built-in 500-megapixel autofocus camera.

480 × 360 resolution touch screen

500 megapixel autofocus camera

Hardware configuration from the point of view, 512MB of memory so you will not worry about speed, support for 802.11b / g / n also allow you to experience the 300MB / s limit of network connection, users can choose either capacitive touch screen input of information, but alsocan choose the BlackBerry is easy to use full keyboard, 95 and 97 series combines all the advantages of the king of this listing also marks the performance of RIM on the entertainment stage with the progress of the development

Full touch screen and full keyboard smart phone

Full touch screen and full keyboard smartphone

More details of the appearance of BlackBerry Torch 9800

Details of the full keyboard: many of my friends worry about sliding full keyboard BlackBerry operating experience and feel exactly what we think the actual experience of his Shangqie good, because the length of the fuselage and slide open, the thickness of the arc and other factors , not as straightBlackBerry full keyboard to the board cleanly.

Torch 9800 full keyboard, the key size as the 9700

Details of the mute and standby buttons: the top is still the mute button and the standby key, slider button in the lower, improve texture, feel good

ãEUREUR Mute key and the standby button at the top

Details of interface design: BlackBerry models and the overall shape of the side buttons are perfect combination of the right to 3.5mm headphone jack, volume keys and the shutter button, the left MicroUSB Interface

Body MicroUSB Interface

3.5mmheadphone jack, volume keys and the shutter button

Details of the SIM plug mode: the same eternal, SIM card does not support hot-plug (big brother wore it because the battery …). Picture Talk, insert the SIM card is very easy to pull out although there is no similar boost like 9100 design, but the thing is not too difficult.

Overall design of the battery compartment

SIM cards have a black figure at the top of the cushion, laminated floor in the usual software location, the memory card operation, the need to turn up the cushion, paste into the card flat floor together.Padded insert card slot at the top position just to fill the vacant place, so the memory card can be assured of a good place to stay plugged.Overall, I think that this design saves space.

Slot soft pads

9800 SIM card slot and better than 9700

Beijing October 15, 2009, RIM the company released a new mobile phone in Germany, BlackBerry 9700, some people used to call this phone Bold 2.Xiao Bian remember the 9700 appearance as the new generation to replace the flagship 9000 mobile phone, upgrade to the traditional trackball navigation touch panel TrackBall TrackPad, greatly enhance the life of the touchpad.Now, 9700 could not escape the young Torch 9800 instead become the king of the latest generation.

appearance of the difference between9800 and 9700

9800's screen size and resolution consistent with the 9700, with the 480 × 360 screen.Display and fine level is still quite good, just wondering why did not RIM will be upgraded to the mainstream of the WVGA screen level.9500 have used the touch screen on that hydraulic headache, but fortunately this method is useless in touch blackberry 9800, its use of the latest SurePress touch screen technology.

9800 PK 9700 difference between screen size

We are here to explain what is SurePress simple touch-screen technology, simply, is to gently press and can not be confirmed, but need to hold down the hard part of the icon screen, so bring the whole screen to complete the confirmation.Supports multi-touch, we can operate like a BlackBerry as the iPhoneoperation9800 PK 9700 no much difference between the back shell design

9800 navigation key to continuation of the advanced navigation touch panel TrackPad.In addition to the efficacy of some innovation, it is clear that many people took the lead in new technology like this, this technology allows the BlackBerry's navigation keys to life extension

9800 PK 9700 navigation with touch panels for the TrackPad

9800 PK 9700 Comparative full keyboard

Contrast top of the body

9800 PK 9700 mobile phone is similar to the thickness of

Because smaller screen, so the overall size of the BlackBerry 9800 is not large, 111 x 62 size or even smaller than 9700, you can see the width of the BlackBerry 9800 mobile phone is larger, thus increasing the feeling, especiallyQWERTY keyboard can feel better , which is essential for wid

e-body design

9800 PK 9700 Dimensions similar

9800 PK 9700 mobile phone is similar to the width

Although the increase QWERTY keyboard, but the BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry 9700 will not be thicker than the number, 14.6mm thickness at the QWERTY keyboard, the smart machine was considered more moderate size, 161 grams of weight are basically similar with the BlackBerry 9700, BlackBerry seems toefforts in the hand, and many, because of its need to attract the traditional BlackBerry users, with the older models remain similar size and weight is inevitable

9800 PK 9700 mobile phone is similar to the thickness

9800 PK 9700 mobile phone is similar to the thickness of

9800 compared with other phones

9800 PK iPhone 4 "is not successful, they pay the price," the sad

If RIM can not be the last trump card to turn things around, it should be the "New York Times" commented said, RIM really is twilight, and ended the era of the Blackberry.

9800 PK iPhone 4 "is not successful, they pay the price," the sad

9800 PK iPhone 4 "is not successful, they pay the price," the sad

9800 PK HTC EVO 4G

Meanwhile, the Google Android operating system based on the new phone seems to have began to emerge.They gave RIM brought a lot of trouble.Last year, eroded since the iPhone and Android phones key North American market since RIM, RIM's sales fell 14% .

9800 PK HTC EVO 4G

9800 PK HTC EVO 4G

9800 PK Samsung i897 are afraid of a rival iPhone4

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S will have the recent listing of all regions in the world, but this phone in the hands of different operators, will also launch a customized version of the difference, i897 as AT & T revised i9000.Galaxy S this model as Samsung's top models, certainly does not lose its configuration other brand flagship.Android phones can be called a top.

9800 PK Samsung i897 are afraid of a rival iPhone4

9800 PK iPhone4 Samsung i897 are afraid of a rival love you to the bone

apart BlackBerry 9800 Torch

Blackberry 9800 has just released two days, geeks from abroad site CrackBerry BlackBerry released the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on the dismantling, and full video recording.Here we look through this video to BlackBerry sliding full keyboard plus touch this phone in the end, what kind of mystery to it.

Can be seen from the video, BlackBerry Torch high degree of modularity, crackberry site who are all lined with the component, so we have some understanding of the internal phone.Then everyone will see next Xiaobian BlackBerry Torch with each component.The first is a Blackberry 9800 Torch completely disassembled the whole family.

First half of the body and the battery cover pallets, according to disassemble said, BlackBerry 9800 Torch design is very clever, with a magnesium alloy sliding bearing pallets, a bit like a design similar to the bumper of the car.

ãEUREURLeft to: navigation touch panel TrackPad module right is: battery cover

ãEUREURFirst half of the fuselage pallet

Screen disassembly

Dismantling the whole keyboard

But the focus of the next Photo! Is connected to the motherboard underneath Dingdingyouming antenna module.Think of the recent scandal iPhone4 antenna, antenna design and the BlackBerry 9800 does not use the exposed design.

Under the black board is the antenna module

Body components in the box

Top left: 500w camera on the right: vibration motor BlackBerry maker RIM's prospects look bleak, Torch 9800 and OS6.0 with the introduction of the number of points "is not successful, it will pay the price," the sad and dreary.RIM has always been firmly in control of the US enterprise market, but now, its defense has been torn by competitors.Apple announced last week that, in the Fortune 100 companies, over 80% of the company is testing or deployment of iPhone.Meanwhile, the Google Android operating system based on the new phone seems to have began to emerge.They gave a lot of trouble to bring RIM.

BlackBerry There is one final trump card.The new operating system, may be able to help it fight back.But left to its time is running out.Torch 9800 is for the Blackberry, this time can be met without resort.Apple's iPhone 4 released a rare mistakes occur, the antenna design fault that Apple is temporarily on the defensive, which makes 9800 the opportunity to grab attention, no matter how short.

ãEUREURBlackberry 9800 is considered a weapon to shut up the critics, after critics have complained that the BlackBerry browser awkward, boring, app store, and even the lack of vital touch.At this point, officially started the launch of BlackBerry OS6.0 opportunity to fight back, a glimpse of the new operating system and modern interface of the opportunity to pledge your web browser will be faster, more accurate, easier to use also a good performance of the hardware.

In fact, the BlackBerry is not so much introduce new Torch 9800 exchange that started with the iPhone 4, as it is to Dafanshenzhang, because with the iPhone and other smart phones in the competition, BlackBerry is constantly losing ground.According to market research firm Gartner, BlackBerry's market share in the first quarter from a year earlier 55% to 41%, while the combined share of iPhone and Android phones by 23% over the same period last year, soared to 49% .If the BlackBerry last trump card can not turn things around, it should be the "New York Times" commented said, the BlackBerry is really twilight, while the BlackBerry has declared an end to the era