Birth Defect – Triple X Syndrome (Superwoman)


Since secondary school, I started burning with curiosity on this description, SUPERWOMAN. Why a female with 47, triple X karyotype can be described as a ‘superwoman’ in cytogenetic. Is she possessed of any super power or advantage just like X-Men?

According to some cytogenetic studies, females with a 47, triple X karyotype rarely show any physical abnormalities. Therefore, this syndrome is the least frequently detected chromosome aberration in cytogenetic. They are very soft and gentle than any other normal females in attitude and behavior. This is why they are acknowledged as ‘superwoman’. Most of them lead to normal lives.

Can the superwomen get their pregnancy? Yes! Gonadal function is normal in majority patients, however, premature ovarian failure might occur too. They usually produce normal children, though there may be a slightly increased risk of nondisjunction occurred among them, which lead to birth of children with other abnormalities such as Down syndrome and ‘Patau’ syndrome in Cytogenetic.

Frequently, a decrease in intelligence occurs, though it is not sufficiently severe to be classified as retardation. However, there are significant delay in motor and mental development including language and cognitive abilities. They also tend to have behavior disturbances and difficulties in making social contacts.

How could it be? Similar to most of the ‘trisomy’ syndrome (the possession of a third chromosome in any type of chromosome which results in abnormalities), the superwoman is caused by the meiotic nondisjunction in Cytogenetic.

Why meiotic nondisjunction will occur and how to prevent it?

We should aware about this kind of genetic disorder as we can prevent it from occur. One of the method is to do the chromosomal screening. There are many others methods. Be good to you and your new generation.