Birth Control: Side Effects Of The Pill


Birth control pills are being commonly used these days in order to control the family size and being able to raise the kids effectively. The old age concepts of larger families are now obsolete as many people tend to prefer only one or two kids. In order to control birth, women use many forms of contraceptive methods in which the most common ones are the birth control pill. However, the birth control side effects are sometimes quite unknown to these women.

Some side effects that need to be monitored while usage are in particular the headaches, nausea, bleeding other than periods, decreased libido and tenderness of the breasts. The pills basically function by having estrogen that enables one to not conceive the child. However, the effects of this estrogen can be adverse on a woman’s health as it tends to raise the chances of blood clots, causing women to develop emboli and thus, cardiac problems. Women, who in particularly smoke and use alcohol are at a further increased risk of getting hypertension, cardiac problems and may face even grace consequences such as strokes due to the emboli formation.

Other than this, birth control side effects also include severe migraine attacks and a greater risk of breast cancer. These pills tend to cause increased mutations, thus being quite dangerous to even those who already have breast cancer.

Because these pills tend to alter the hormone level of the body, they do tend to have certain endocrinal effects. The hormones of the body are altered which can also cause depression and moodiness in many women. A lot of women do not feel like continuing their sexual relations as a result of the effect of these pills. A lot of research has been conducted about the safety and other concerns regarding the birth control pills. It is also found that due to the hormone altering effect of these pills, women also tend to have problems in lactation after child birth. They tend to produce less milk due to the hormone altering effects of the pills. Many women also find it difficult to conceive a child after the discontinuation of these pills, as the effect of its chemicals remains on the hormones for quite some time.

Some women also feel a change in their metabolic patterns of the body and tend to gain weight, have increased appetite and an increased food craving because of the pills.

Despite having some long lasting hormonal effects, contraceptive pills are known to be one of the safest methods of birth control. However, one needs to have proper consultation and guidance from the doctor before taking any sort of birth control pill.