Birth Control Cramps: Overview

When a person makes the decision to take birth control pills, you need to be aware that they may have unintended side effects. The most general side effect of the birth control pill is the common cramp. These cramps frequently occur in the abdomen and stomach area. They are usually very uncomfortable to deal with and can cause discomfort among those who experience them. They are often the same cramps that are associated with one’s   menstrual   cycle  or period. These cramps can also occur with individuals who have recently been given a prescription for birth control pills, they can occur during the first cycle or when an individual first begins their pills. Some health care professionals suggest keeping the prescribed dosage that has been given before lowering the dosage of the pills as a result of the birth control cramps. One of the main causes for such cramping is because the birth control pills regulate the level of hormones in your body, they make chemical changes which can cause these discomforting side effects. Hormones also release a foreign attribute into your body and as a result such cramps are experienced, in certain cases it can cause nausea as well. These symptoms of cramping should disappear after the first or second cycle, your body will eventually adjust to the new hormones. If the cramping or other side effects continue to occur, it is recommended to make an appointment with your personal medical doctor so that your dosage may be adjusted.

Certain cases of birth control cramping may be severe, in those cases it is recommended that the individual receive immediate health care assistance so that the pain and the unintended side effects are remedied quickly. In cases where the cramping is mild, the most common form of medicine is to use over the counter pain relievers that will ease the side effects. It is not recommended to use such pain relievers on a daily basis as they can have a negative impact on other parts of your body. If your cramps continue over a longer period of time, it is suggested that you see a health care practitioner so that your dosage is adjusted. The adjustment of your prescription will usually help with the cramping, however a home remedy to help or ease the cramping is to apply a warm damp towel or a heating pad to the area that hurts. The heating pad will sooth some of the cramping and provide relief for the discomforting pain that is associated with the cramps. Please remember that if you continue to experience such side effects after your first or second cycle, make an appointment with your health care practitioner so that you can evaluate your options. It is also important to understand that there are many different birth control options available and you can always try a different method to help you avoid unintended side effects. It is imperative that you continue to monitor your health regularly to ensure that you are taking care of your body. Although birth control pills are relatively safe, they can cause certain side effects as discussed in this article. Always make sure to consult a medical doctor with any questions or severe pain you may experience.