Bipolar Syndrome and Irritability

Most of the time, even at my manic highs I can be pretty mellow. It takes a lot to get on my nerves and I have the patience to take on the world. These days not so much. Even my husband has notice it. I’m sure the children and dogs have noticed and if the laptop gets thrown out the window I am sure the whole world will know it.

Even little things are setting me on edge these days. Simply misspelling a word as I type this is driving my aggravation levels up.

What do I do to keep a level head when that irritability bug bites me in the backside?

First, I remind myself to breathe. The spelling mistakes don’t matter, that’s what spell check is for. Does it really matter my son wants to fall asleep with the light on, of course not as long as it alleviates that nighttime bedtime battle. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Scream. Cry. Get it out.

Which brings me to the next thing. Get that negative energy out. A quick run. Screaming full force into a pillow. Crying till you have no tears left to cry. Whatever it takes to get it out. Just do it.

Stop aiming for perfection, it’s just gonna piss you off. So what the floor still has dirt on it. So what the table isn’t as clean as it should be. So what. Perfection is a pain in the ass when your irritable. Save it for days when your patience can handle it.

Find an outlet. Frustration and irritability will build if you don’t get it out. Take up something anything that gets you away from the normal grind of things that are grinding on your nerves.

Ask for help. We aren’t perfect when we are in manic episodes, we aren’t perfect when suffering from bipolar syndrome. Heck no one is perfect and no one can do it all alone so give yourself permission to ask for help when you need it most. You’ll thank yourself later as will those around you whose heads you won’t bite off as a result. Asking for help takes more strength then floundering around. Give yourself permission to be strong and reach out for that extended help.

Give yourself a break. Being manic can be a total bitch. Being manic can be wonderful and wondrous, but it can also be unbearable. Realize your limits and be alright with and understanding of them. You cannot do it all.

Irritability sucks. Big time. Not only for those of us irritated at everything around us, but for those that love us and care about us. Try to reduce your irritability whenever you feel it creeping in for the sake of yourself and those who live with and deal with us daily.