Bipolar Stories – A Mark of Genius?

A lot of celebrities suffered of bipolar disorder, or are now thought to have had it based on their lifeworks and stories. There have been so many, in fact, that it is considered by some to be a mark of genius. That may or may not be true, but it is easy to see why the connection is made after a look at the many famous people with bipolar disorder. You can read several bipolar stories here.

Many famous writers are believed to have had bipolar disorder. Mark Twain, famous and popular American humorist, writer and lecturer, suffered significant personal and professional loss with the demise of his publishing business. While bipolar symptoms are believed to have influenced his later life, Mark Twain is an example of a positive impact of bipolar disorder had on the creativity of one individual. Unfortunately, like with many bipolar celebrities many of his crazy business ideas had never come true.

Kurt Vonnegut is believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder. After a severe depression in 1969, when he published his world known novel Slaughterhouse-Five, he swore he would never write another book. However, he went on to write another novel only four years later. William Faulkner, who invented an entire fictional place Yoknapatawha County lived with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. The are plenty of other famous novelists and poets like Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson and Virginia Woolf were known to be bipolar.

The are also other creative talents like Beethoven, Van Gogh and Isaac Newton have been also thought to have had from the disorder and probably it caused their exceptional gifts. Among modern politicians Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin are bright examples of a successful bipolar persons in modern history.

People who have bipolar disorder have influenced our lives in countless ways. Bipolar disorder has indirectly enrolled our loves affecting the health of those who have made considerable contributions to humanity. It is known that manic episodes or hypomania being a symptomatic part of the bipolar disorder often lead to times of intense productivity. And though bipolar disorder causes real distress for those who live it, it is difficult to deny that it is also can be considered to be a type of disorder of talented and genius people.

The topic of bipolar disorders is also extensively presented in books and novels. Patty Duke an academy award winning American actress used to be bipolar patient who has had bipolar attacks of disorder through out her life. She described the disease in her book and spoke about her struggle with disorder in numerous interviews. Kay Redfield Jamison, a well known psychologist was diagnosed bipolar disorder when she was 28, published two books, including her own experiences with the disease and analysis of interaction between illness and creativity. Other famous people also wrote about the topic and the way mental disorders influenced their life.

Many modern stars and celebrities have been diagnosed this type of mental disorders by their doctors. Actresses Linda Hamilton, Margot Kidder, Carrie Fisher, and already mentioned Patty Duke are the bipolar patients, while musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne, Axel Rose, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails got the same diagnosis from mental professionals as well.

In the past, bipolar people were misunderstood and most other people actually feared them that is why their life was extremely complicated and often socially isolated. They needed to go through their life living with extreme pressure both from inside and outside.

Today, the disorder is treated with therapy and medication eliminating the major symptoms of the disease. At the same time many patients feel that the medications stunt their creativity.

Bipolar disorder shall be described as a life-long, permanent condition that must be carefully managed and continuously treated. Modern medical science made a lot to develop treatments that influence disorder without depressing creativity on the whole spectrum. Nowadays there are so many very well functioning bipolar people of above average creativity, although those used to have the life threatening depression symptoms. Famous bipolar people has proven that this disorder can not prevent people from leading a very normal full of creativity and innovative ideas life.