Bipolar Disorder and Extreme Happiness

It makes me smile when I see a list of symptoms for bipolar disorder that include "extreme happiness" or "euphoria". Of course, I do not smile too much because I do not want someone that may pass by to think I might be "extremely happy" or "euphoric". However, secretly my life goals are to be extremely healthy, extremely abundant, and "extremely happy". Therefore, I'm a little embarrassed to share that one of my life goals is to achieve a symptom of bipolar disorder.

In all fairness, I suppose if a person went to a doctor and said, "Doctor, I'm extremely happy", they would not automatically receive a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and prescribed medication for that. (Or, would they?) I'm sure a lot of other bipolar disorder symptoms are taken into consideration like: 1) overly talkative, 2) have lots of energy, and 3) need little sleep. (Hmmm, I just described myself!) Other symptoms include: 1) depression and 2) feeling sad or empty. Good, I'm not sad or depressed.

I was treated for bipolar disorder for many years. Of course, like most people who are treated for bipolar disorder, I would go to the doctor when I was depressed. The mania felt good. Therefore, I was less inclined to see a doctor during this phase. I think mania feels good because many times it is accompanied by "extreme happiness" – and extreme happiness feels good.

Granted, many times when I was experiencing what is defined as mania, I did what some considered irrational things. However, being extremely happy did not cause me to do any harmful or hurtful things. Mostly, my extreme happiness would irritate others. I suppose they felt like I do when I'm at a social gathering and everybody has had too much to drink except me (I do not drink), therefore, I have a hard time connecting with them because my perception is different than theirs .

This world would be a great place if everybody were extremely happy. If we were all extremely happy there would be no wars. We would help each other. The color of a person's skin or race would not matter. Material things would not be so important because each of us would find happiness with and within ourselves.

Extreme happiness. Now, that's a bipolar disorder symptom that I am extremely happy to embrace.