Biotin Can Be One Vitamin That Secretly Boosts Hair Growth

If you are dealing with a certain degree of thin hair, then sure you are fed up and want to find a solution for your ongoing hair loss problem.

One of those things that you just should not overlook in an effort to increase hair growth is biotin. Biotin is part of the B-vitamin family and has a long list of benefits. Various dermatologists have pointed out that it is definitely responsible for growing longer hair faster.

Certain studies even prove its efficiency on regrowing fingernails, improving bone structure and of course helping hair to grow back.

You can find biotin in the form of a table that you can take orally. However the sublingual type, that which dissolves under your tongue, seems to work better. Why is this the case? When you consider your intestinal tract, you will find that much of what we take in gets broken down by acids in the stomach.

So in the case of regrowing hair with biotin, tablets of this vitamin often dissolve into less effective substances. Therefore it never really reaches your bloodstream the way that it should. While it is very beneficial to take biotin for an improvement in the growth of your hair, there are some things that can lessen the effects of it. Be sure to limit the amount of caffeine that you're taking into your body. For some reason this stuff just seems to make it extremely hard for the body to digest biotin.

While there are tons of multivitamins and other supplements out there containing biotin, they only contain limited amounts. On average just 1,200 micrograms is what you will find in most. It is recommended that those losing hair get at least 2,500 micrograms of this vitamin daily if they expect more hair to grow.

Anyone experiencing a slow hair growth rate could find that their problem lies in not getting enough biotin into their bodies. One thing most overlook when fighting hair loss is that to truly beat this condition, you need to attack the problem internally as well as externally.

Stick with all-naturally topical products like shampoo containing aloe vera, herbs and certain key vitamins. And be sure that you're getting foods rich in vitamin B such as apricots, eggs, potatoes and cabbage.