Biologically Active Food Supplements – Part 2

More on What Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) Are

BAFS are made up of natural organic ingredients. These are classified in the United States as Nutritional Supplements, Organic Supplements, Natural Food Supplements, Organic Food Supplements, etc. They are considered “Biologically Active” as they have been produced using “cold” processes. There has been no heat or chemicals used in production that would degrade or destroy the nutrient value of the supplement. It is questionable whether those made with “hot” processes (as in boiling) can truly be considered as “Biologically Active” food supplements since the biological character of the product can be degraded or changed by heat.

They are derived from plants that grow in specific geographic areas where they have been used for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. Some of these plants have been used by the common people as part of their local diet or culture; but most have been the province of “shamans” or “medicine men” for illness prevention, curing a variety of bodily problems, or enhancing certain physical activities.

BAFS are new to the United States only in name. They are also known by other names such as Biologically Active Dietary Supplements (BADS) or Biologically Active Supplements (BAS), among a number of other similarly descriptive names (and acronyms). These terms or related terms however, may be new to some users of these products in the US where they are more commonly known simply as “organic” products.

Uses of Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

Today, they are used by people to offset or prevent some of the problems encountered as a result of our dependency upon manufactured or mass produced food products – which are commercially produced, hormone enhanced, or produced for long term storage. Thus, some of these products may have taken on the appearance and use as a “medicinal” substitute.

It is wrong to consider BAFS in that regard. They should be used for what they are: as supplements to a healthy diet, not as a substitute nor as a medical cure-all for human problems.

These supplements can be extremely useful in maintaining a healthy body. If they are used as intended, they will indeed provide that which they are designed – the restoration and continuance of optimal health.

Medicinal Uses of Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

Please note that in taking these products, you should not ignore regular doctor’s visits, nor should you blindly replace any recommended treatment therapy that may be prescribed for you.

Rather, they can be used for preventive maintenance from illnesses and some of those things that might otherwise trouble you due to age or circumstance. It is definitely NOT recommended that you give in to assurances from amateurs or non-professional “medical” people that BAFS or other supplements will completely replace a medical recommendation or even a necessary operation. Before using any nutritional supplement, it would be wise to consult with a medical professional to determine whether any medical predispositions you may have or other medications you are taking would make it unwise to take it.

During recovery, certain supplements might be used as an additional means of therapy. Being natural and organic, they shouldn’t harm you. Again, you should consult your health professional before you decide to try them.

What Can You Expect When Taking Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)?

Your body may undergo a bio-correction when you start on them. These are potent products whose effects can usually be felt by someone new to organic supplements. If you’ve already been taking other natural products, you probably will not see that much of a reaction, if any at all.

It is recommended that you start slowly. Within 2-3 days you should be able to increase up to the recommended dosage. This recommendation is based on my experience of starting on completely natural supplements. It seemed as if they (or my body) needed time to adapt.

Try to recollect that at some time, perhaps you had a sharp change in your style of food – like when you were on a business trip, a tourist trip, or got sent to a war zone? Even with the best quality food available, for the first day or so, you might have encountered some physically uncomfortable sensations which cleared after a couple of days.

Similar subtle symptoms can be observed with the beginning of using biologically active supplements. It is not necessary to be alarmed at this because it not a deterioration of your condition. It is only the reorganization of your organism – and this to a better level of nutrition.

Also, when taking these products, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. For adults, not less than 1.5-2 liters of water per day and with children, it is dependent upon their size and age. The reason for keeping yourself well hydrated is that your body will begin to clear itself of impurities and water is that medium with which harmful substances are removed. As your body cleans itself, you may feel a bit off at first – but after that, you will very quickly start to feel noticeably better.

Official Positions on Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

BAFS have been in existence for years. Many companies produce them. There are good ones, a lot (perhaps most) that are not as good, and some downright terrible (and sometimes dangerous) ones.

A comprehensive governmental review is conducted by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation where registration certificates can be found for specific products. Preparations by manufacturers of products that have only ecological certificates have either not had the level of comprehensive testing conducted, or cannot meet the standards of the Russian Ministry of Health. This gives Eastern European consumers one central place to go to find out information about a product that they might be using.

A significant affirmation is when a supplement has passed testing by Olympic Committees and is recommended for sportsmen in competitions. This alone would give reassurances of product safety.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the final ruling on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Quality is defined as meaning “that the dietary supplement consistently meets the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and has been manufactured, packaged, labeled, and held under conditions to prevent adulteration under section 402(a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(3), and (a)(4) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act”.

Preparations marketed in the United States are supposed to meet the FDA’s GMP. In addition, they should have passed clinical testing and reviews by pharmacological committees and found NOT to be dangerous. However, US government agencies will not comment on the specific benefits of a product unless they have gone through a closely monitored testing and trial period. Benefits or claims by products are usually tested for by other parties such as universities or testing facilities. The results of these trials are usually found in advertising with appropriate disclaimers.

With the internet, conducting research into these products is very easy. You can check with the US FDA or the Russian Ministry of Health. The National and International Olympic Committees can be used for confirmation of a product’s quality. You can also do research into the companies that produce them. Most will have a section that mentions how they are made. I would be particularly watchful for mentions of heat or chemicals that are used in the extraction of nutrients. These would be a good indication that the product might not be at its full potential.

What Will Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) Do For You?

BAFS provide the natural and organic nutritional supplements that may exist in deficient quantities in the human body. They are directed toward the general improvement of the body. Although specific effects may occur within a specific person using a particular product, with correct application, the results are very positive. You should also be aware that a particular person may have an existing pre-condition against a specific ingredient in a supplement.

These supplements normally do not contain any narcotic substances or tranquilizers. If they do so, they will not only be listed, they may also be controlled by the local national jurisdiction. As a result of using these products, many people fine that there is an apparent reduction in the need for fats, salts, and coffee. Many also find that alcoholic and tobacco dependence may appear to be considerably reduced.

In general, nutrition has a lot to do with the degree of happiness in your life. BAFS will improve your physical well being. When your body is healthy, your mind is happier. When your mind is happy, your disposition is better. When your disposition is better, you are very likely a pleasure to be around. Could you then say that BAFS will improve your disposition and make you a more pleasurable person to be with? You can only know this by your own personal experience. I can say that it is so with me.