Bio Terrorist Attack Plans


Recently Las Vegas finished a simulated biological attack on the Paradise City Strip. In the simulation they quickly blocked off the area and washed 500 people. They have a plan in place as they are an obvious target. Las Vegas is not the only city that has had practice drills like this, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco also. Washington DC after the fireworks had a massive plan that they tested to get everyone quickly out of the city. We must face the new created reality, which includes possible biological attacks.

One of the worst fears among our citizenry is the possibility of Bio Terrorist threats. Some of this fear is incited by mass media and some of it is real. As the world becomes closer together and information technology makes it easier for rogue nations and scientists to produce deadly diseases, pathogens and viruses using relatively simple dispersion devices, it is necessary to plan to defend against such attack. With a structured plan in place which will net a few losses of life, International Terrorists the weapon of fear by use of Bio Terrorism will most likely not be the first choice of these attackers.

By having a plan, which can be executed quickly and deliberately, there is a chance to have a zero death rate incase of such attack. This is the goal of this research project. After much work in studying the plans of other groups both in the private and public sectors and studying the previous actions and bio-weapons Research of rogue nations, many are putting together such a plan to prevent and deal with a potential attack.

Many believe that if this plan is implemented a large city or community can be isolated and quarantined quickly, treated and be back to normal in 48-64 hours with little or no deaths. The plan requires the cooperation of many agencies, municipalities and private businesses to succeed. Once the plan is in place American Citizens know that in the event of an attack, they will be safe.

Many believe that the alleviation of this fear from the Average American's plate, our people can feel safer and move towards the fulfillment of their pursuit of happiness with their families, hobbies and careers. If we can have plans in place across America to act quickly we will remove the threat and the effectiveness for the International Terrorists and win the war on Terror, by beating the enemy in advance. Think on this.