Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Your Overall Wellbeing

Hormones in our body are crucial for our wellbeing because they regulate all our physiological functions. From helping our body with the metabolism to improving cellular regeneration, they are a vital component for our good health in general. We are often in better shape physically and mentally when a balance of hormones is maintained in our bodies. However when that equilibrium is affected we start seeing its effects and need Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to set the balance right once again.

There are several reasons that can cause hormonal equilibrium to be disturbed in our bodies. It could have due to age or an illness or some kind of stress. Whatever reason it might be, you will start feeling its effects in form tiredness and generally feeling less energetic.

Bio Identical Hormones are as the name suggests, identical to endogenous ones on a molecular level. They are administrated to you in case of equilibrium shifts in your body so that a balance in maintained and you feel energetic again.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Includes identifying any hormonal deficiencies in your body and addressing the issue directly. Not only shortcomings, but excesses in some cases, which can be as detrimental to your bodies, can be suppressed.

Steps involved in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy are:

  • You need to start with a consultation with a specialist physician. Make sure you work with a certified professional experienced in this specific field because it's a niche area.
  • Simple tests like blood, urine and saliva samples over a period of 24 hours are needed to analyze the level of hormones in your body. A comprehensive map of levels will be done to pinpoint the inadequacies and excesses if any.
  • Once your doctors have the results they will determine the exact therapy regimen for your system. You will be given a specific mix of good quality, synthetic hormones that will set the balance right in your body.
  • The medication is in the form of pills that can be taken orally, or gels. Patches can be used in some cases as well.
  • Once you have started the treatment you should start seeing the benefits in a couple of months. You will feel less tried and generally refreshed as your stamina will improve drastically.

Weigh your options carefully and start feeling better.