Bio Ear – The Good And The Bad

Bio Ear – can it be the remedy we’ve been looking for? Firstly  what is Bio Ear precisely … we realize it’s a herbal formulation. The public who have faith in in Bio Ear claim that the herbs work in concert with each other  to lower the rushing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, roaring, and other sounds tinnitus sufferers can hear. Bio Ear doesn’t contend to be a cure.

Reviews from Bio Ear users differ significantly. One Bio Ear customer indicated that he has never seen any information that mentions that these drops / supplements has ever helped, himself included. Another Bio Ear consumer on the otherhand indicated that it does actually help him if he puts Bio Ear on 2 cotton balls and places them in his ears just before going to sleep.

Again, the reviews on Bio Ear are varied. Why is that? The straightforward fact is that Tinnitus is caused by several dissimilar things and Bio Ear might give some relief to certain tinnitus sufferers and not others. For instance, Bio Ear will not help when your tinnitus was caused by ear wax coming into contact with the eardrum, nor will Bio Ear help if the tinnitus is due to a narrowing of your carotid artery (the key artery which transports blood to your head.) Bio Ear might be of benefit to the kind of tinnitus that was caused by extended exposure to loud noise.

So what’s the solution? Before you spend your money on Bio Ear or on a membership to a Tinnitus site (that all pretty much say the same stuff as free resources anyhow,) go see your doctor and exclude the following causes for your tinnitus:

Stress / anxiety
Too little sleep
Exposure to loud noise (and yes, that means loud music too!)
Loud work environment without satisfactory  ear protection
Low and high Blood Pressure
Persistent Sinusitis
Too much aspirin or other medication that you may be taking now
Head, neck or jaw injury
Loss of hearing (this one can frequently be treated by acquiring the correct hearing aid.) A hearing test is often a good place to start.
A tumour (this is very unlikely and is only a possibility if the ringing is in only one ear.)

Ok, your medical practitioner couldn’t work out what the real reason for your tinnitus is and she told you that “you have to learn to live with it.” Now, do you rush off to go and buy a bottle of Bio Ear? Again, not necessarily … bear in mind, what works for one individual may not necessarily work for you. What you mustn’t do is quit. You must take accountability for taking care of your own tinnitus. Keep in mind that you’re not without help. There are tons of individuals worldwide that suffer from this highly distressing circumstance.

The good news is that if your GP has given you a clean bill of health on the physical front, you now are aware that (as aggravating as it is) your tinnitus is not likely to kill you! The American Tinnitus Association recommends that you persist with seeking dependable information from credible resources, and what resource can be more reliable than an ex tinnitus sufferer?