Bio Available Collagen – Will You See Any Difference?

You would think that after all of the many decades that the major cosmetics companies have been in business that they would have somehow figured out how to make the body produce collagen. After years of introducing us to various topical solutions that have not been effective in removing our wrinkles here they come again with bio available collagen. Is this ingredient finally the answer?

We have known for quite some time that the main reason that our skin begins to change as we get older is due to the loss of the three major tissues that makeup the foundation of our skin. It has been explained there that if we can figure out a way to make the body produce collagen on its own, and at the rate that it did when we were youngger, then we would solve the dilemma of aging skin.

Before the major cosmetics companies were able to resolve the riddle of bio available collagen we were stuck with a never ending stream of collagen and elastin products that could in no way do us any good at all. Because of the molecular density of these two compounds they were not able to effectively penetrate our skin. Therefore the vast majority of the anti aging products with which we were being bombarded with were useless.

Many of the products that the major cosmetics companies are coming out with now are no closer to answering the question of how to make the body produce collagen. Simply altering an ingredient in such a way as to make it able to effectively reach the area of ​​the body where it is thought that it would be able to make improvements is no guarantee that it is really going to make a difference in a person's appearance.

This is the case with the new bio available collagen. Certainly the fact that it is able to penetrate deep down through the layer of your skin to where your collagen lies is a major improvement. Due to the size of the dosage of collagen that you will be getting through these topical formulas though you will not see any noticeable change in the way that you look.

There is a company from New Zealand that has unlocked the secret as to how to make the body produce collagen, and it has nothing to do with any version of bio available collagen. The all natural ingredient that triggers the dramatic resurgence of both the collagen and elastin in your body is a rare keratin protein blend that is patented under the name Functional Keratin.

Not only has this company figured out how to make the body produce collagen and elastin, but through the inclusion of an extract from a variety of Japanese see kelp they can bring your hyaluronic acid levels back to normal also. It seems that where science has failed nature has prevailed. The key to unlocking the secret to repairing aging skin has been with us all along.