Binge Eating Help – Escaping the Disorder

The subject of binging as a disorder has only recently become prevalent. It was most closely associated with the binging and purging that is found with the disorder bulimia nervosa. LaTely the perceptions of binging are changing and many professionals are seeing a link between nutrition and the urge to binge.

Binging is taking in more than normal quantities of food. Most bingers will also hide the fact that they are overeating from friends and family. A binger will feel huge amounts of guilt and remorse. Guilty feelings for being unable to control the intestinal cravings and remorse for what it is doing to their bodies.

To understand the cravings lets look at how the body works. The system that makes up our bodies is interconnected. Example, our skin requires nutrients to be healthy; however, it can not get these on its own. The skin will need blood flow, oxygen and many minerals and vitamins, this means to have healthy skin we need a healthy heart, lungs and proper nutrition for minerals.

For all the parts to work there are commands issued by the brain. When you need sleep, the brain begins telling systems to slow down. Need an extra burst of energy to catch your two year old before she runs into traffic? Your heart will race and breathing will increase to prepare you to sprint after her. The nutritional needs of the body work similarly.

In binge eating the signals for a food stem from a lack of a needed chemical in the body. Take for instance a craving for sugar or carbohydrates. When we are feeling depressed these signals a lack of serotonin. The body compensates for this by demanding an increased intake of sugar and carbs. Therefore, for a little while, the balance is restored and we feel much better. The problem is the surge is only temporary and we will soon need another fix.

If you find yourself with sudden uncontrollable urges to eat large quantities of food, it may be a good idea to check into what the effect on the body is thereby determine exactly what it is you need. When the body falls low on serotonin like in the above example getting a good supply of vitamin B-12 can be much more beneficial than loading on unhealthy carbs and sugars.

Insulin resistance is another area that can lead to out of control cravings. When you are insulin resistant the body ignores insulin claims to use the sugars in the blood, instead it dumps them into fat stores. Now your body senses a deficiency causing a craving for more sugar. To combat this you may need added minerals. Minerals in your diet can be beneficial, Chromium and magnesium can help eliminateinate cravings and stabilize levels of blood sugar (glucose).

In short if you are feeling depressed over out of control eating it could be that you are nutritionally deficient. Look carefully at your diet and try to determine what your desires are trying to tell you, this will take you much more than the constant berating you are probably engaged in now.