Biliary Dyskinesia – 3 Easy Herbal Remedies

Discover how to relieve bloating, nausea or cramps caused by biliary dyskinesia with herbal remedies.

Biliary dyskinesia is a functional disorder of the mechanism to eliminate bile in the absence of visible inflammation of the gallbladder or lithiasis.

In a high-fat meal, the gallbladder empties completely within an hour. Biliary dyskinesia occurs when the gallbladder response is inadequate – hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (“lazy gallbladder”, when the gallbladder is emptied too slow) or hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts to strong and the bile is evacuated too rapidly).

Hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) is treated either by stimulating bile secretion in the liver cell (choleretic action) or by stimulating gallbladder contraction to evacuate the bile in the duodenum (cholagogue action).

Ones of the most used herbal remedies for biliary dyskinesia with choleretic and / or cholagogue action are:

1. Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) tea is a good cholecystokinetic, but has a very bitter taste, which is why many people hesitate to drink it.

Drink it in small sips, unsweetened, in the morning on an empty stomach, after which lie down on the right side for about 30 minutes to have maximum effect.

You can drink at any time during the day, but it hasn’t the same effect. Although the tea is the best way, you can dodge the bitter taste and take Artichokes capsules instead of the tea, half an hour before each meal.

2. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is an excellent herbal remedy for both hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) and hypertonic biliary dyskinesia.

It helps if you suffer from lazy gallbladder (the bile isn’t evacuated fast enough in the duodenum). With its sedative, calming, and antispasmodic action is also effective in hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts too much and the bile is evacuated to fast)

As an added bonus, Lemon balm prevents gallstones formation and stimulates the secretion of bile in the liver cells.

Drink 1 cup of concentrated combined infusion per day.

3. Another herb you can use for hypertonic biliary dyskinesia is Peppermint (Mentha piperita).

It relieves the gallbladder muscle spasms and has a general muscle relaxation action. Its active ingredients stimulate the functioning of the gallbladder and have a decongestant and calming action.

To avoid biliary dyskinesia crisis try to eat at fixed hours, and lie down on the right side for half an hour after lunch for an effective bile drainage.

Biliary dyskinesia diet isn’t an exact science so, although some foods can be recommended, avoid them if they are not right for you.