Big Toenail, Small Toenail Problems

When you hear the words “toenail problem” what do you think off? Ingrown toenails, trauma to the toenail, toenail fungus or some other toenail problem such as an infection. The fact is, the words toenail problem refers to more people who suffer with a toenail fungus problem than any other. The facts are in. Over 30 million people suffer from a toenail problem, most of them being toenail fungus sufferers.

A very large population of toenail problem sufferers are over 65, senior citizens. Your chance of getting toenail fungus as you age is much higher than say middle age and younger adults. Children will rarely suffer from toenail problems associated with toenail fungus but their chances increases with age.

Have you noticed that people older than 65 seem to have a problem with feet that look wider, spread out, and this seems to be a problem as you age. I know, my own grandmother, bless her heart, seems to have huge feet, almost pancake like, as they spread sideways with age. Guess what, she continued to wear the same shoes she bought 10yrs earlier even though her feet were sore. You can image, all she was doing was putting more pressure on her toes and nails. A classic example of how the nail could be traumatize and a prefect medium for ugly looking nails for fungus to set in. The truth is, as we age our feet look older and so do our nails.

Senior Citizens with diabetics can’t feel whether their shoes are too tight or too loose and footwear that fits correctly is extremely important to keep toenail problems at bay, especially toenail fungus. Many diabetics report losing sensation in their feet so its absolutely necessary that their footwear is properly fitted by a professional if necessary.

Other toenail problems such as the common infection, called Paronychia, causes inflammation of the skin around the nail as a result of bacterial infection which can last a very long time and should be treated quickly. Acute Paronychia can be treated with antibiotics and can spread to the nails as a toenail fungus infection. Again, don’t waste time hoping that it will get better on its own. Attend too it as soon as possible, left untreated, it could result is a very long treatment process.

And last but certainly not least the dreaded ingrown toenail. I can tell you from my childhood experience that it was one of the most painful experiences I ever had. In fact, i was on the operating table for 3hrs to correct the problem. I can’t even remember how it started but I remember that I left it and neglected to tell my mother about it until it was too late too just cut it out with a pair of clippers.