Big Toe Toenail Problems

Big toe toenail problems are not uncommon, and they are caused by a variety of different things. Perhaps because the biggest toe is so much larger than the rest, it seems to take the brunt of the punishment. This article will discuss a few of the things that occur with the biggest toe nail.

One of the more common big toe toenail problems is what is called an   ingrown  toe  nail . An  ingrown   nail  occurs when the nail is too wide for the space it is growing in and the nail at the edges starts to cut into the tender flesh there. An  ingrown  toe  nail  can be very painful, and it will frequently cause swelling and inflammation at the site. Of course, when there is injury of this kind, the area is more susceptible to infections of various kinds. Surgery is often required to remove extra nail at the sides. Many people recommend that you always cut your toenails straight across to avoid  ingrown   nails .

One of the most common infections that causes big toe toenail problems is fungal infection of the nail. This can occur with or without injury or inflammation of the toe, and once a fungus gets established in the nail, it is quite difficult to get rid of. It can also spread to the skin around the nail and to other nails. A fungal toe nail is usually yellowish or black, flaky or crumbly, and very thick. If you suspect you have a fungal nail infection, see your doctor for confirmation. Fungal infections can be treated with prescription drugs or over the counter remedies. There are many widely used home remedies as well.

Another thing that can turn your toenails black and cause big toe toenail problems is strenuous exercise in shoes that don’t provide enough room for your feet. When the nails are subjected to repeated and prolonged physical stress, tiny blood vessels under the nail can break, causing what is essentially a bruise under the nail. If enough blood builds up to cause pressure, it can be quite uncomfortable. Your body will clear up the bruise over time, but you should purchase a good pair of shoes that won’t cause a repeat of this injury.

Because big toe toenail problems are quite common, and can be caused by various different things, it’s important that you get a proper diagnosis from a qualified physician. Diabetics, in particular, should seek professional care as soon a problem is noticed, because these people are more susceptible to infection in the feet.