Big Drug – Bad Drug

Do not be misled by the warm and fuzzy TV commercials directed at you by the big pharmaceutical companies. Those companies do NOT have your welfare at heart. They're in the dairy faming business and you are their prize cash cow. They milk and they milk and there is no end to their ingenuity when it comes to separating you from your hard earned dollars.

We all know about Vioxx. We know that the FDA licensed this drug, despite obvious lethal side effects, and advised its use for arthritis sufferers, in particular. Arthritis patients are very vulnerable. They can not move without pain and they frequently are used as guinea pigs by their own doctors as well as Big Drug companies. The FDA is so influenced by Big Drug, that it rushes to license medication without proper testing. In the case of Vioxx, it was obvious for years that Vioxx caused heart attacks in those very vulnerable arthritis patients for whom it was prescribed with gay abandon.

The editor of the Lancet states that the FDA and Vioxx's manufacturer, Merck "acted out of ruthless, short-sighted, and irresponsible self-interest."

That's just one indictment. Merck, manufacturer of Vioxx was forced to settle thousands of law suits. But how many heads rolled in the FDA? Well, none, actually. It took a whistle blower to expose the true risks.

For every high profile disaster like Vioxx, there are hundreds of silent killers pushed on a trusting public, which falls for those warm and fuzzy TV commercials. Note that Big Drug is not permitted to advertise to the public in any countries except the United States and New Zealand. There is a very obvious reason for this. Sick people are vulnerable. If you advertise a drug that you say will help them, they're going to ask their doctor to prescribe it for them. They trust you and they trust their doctor. They should not.

Big Drug Companies actually invent new diseases, for which they offer a panacea. When did you discover RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome? When you saw it on a TV commercial, that's when. Now you think you might have RLS and maybe you should try that drug which purports to cure it.

Be afraid. Pay attention to the very fast disclaimers at the end of those TV commercials. They paint the true picture of life on unnecessary drugs.