Beware When Searching For The Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement


Because of our very unhealthy modern diets, many of us put ourselves in not only a dangerous position of dietary fiber deficiency, but also an enzyme deficiency. Both can be dangerous for our health and both are easily repaired. There is a problem though when many people searching for the best digestive enzyme will face; enzyme supplements don’t work.

An inherent problem which faces the supplement industry is that when enzymes are extracted from plants and other natural food sources they don’t behave the same way as they do in their natural state.

Inside our stomach is a major enzyme called pepsin. The job pepsin has is to instantly break down protein for the body to use as energy. Enzyme supplements are made from protein so what happens is that those best digestive enzyme supplements you thought were going to help will get eaten up in your stomach rendering them useless for any help to your digestive system.

Natural food sources are the best

There are many natural supplement products out there that can benefit us in many health problems but in this case you’re better off avoiding any supplement specifically created as a digestive enzyme product. Most fresh fruits are an excellent source of enzymes. In particular is the kiwifruit not only because it is the most nutrient-dense fruit available, but it has an enzyme called “actinidin”. This digestive enzyme has been found to help digest even the hardest foods to the digestive system like soy red meat and dairy.

Actinidin was found to behave much like that other powerful digestive enzyme in the stomach called pepsin. The kiwifruit is nutritionally powerful because besides containing actinidin, it also contains many important vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids, which are all beneficial for proper digestion.