Beware of the Myths That Can Prolong Anxiety and Depression

If you are interested in effective Treatment of anxiety and depression, then you must have the mechanism to separate facts from myth. Otherwise you are headed towards more suffering. Let us thrash out some myths.

Effectiveness and utility of an antidepressant for an individual is dependent on several factors mainly tolerance and dosage. You must also remind yourself that main cause of anxiety and depression is not chemical imbalances as is widely perceived.

Statistical studies suggest that

* antidepressant drugs are totally ineffective for almost 70% of people

* cognitive therapy and other such treatments are far more effective.

Another big myth is that anxiety and depression are a result of mind game. On the contrary the list of other diseases and conditions which are part of anxiety and depression is quite big, major among them being

a. hyper-tension

b. muscle cramps

c. sleeplessness

d. Deviation in appetite

e. exhaustion

f. back ache

g. loss of sex drive

These and other symptoms together act as a formidable force and make it very difficult for people affected by anxiety and depression to perform daily routines.

Poor diet can cause obesity ultimately leading to possible risk of heart attack and strokes. But it is not at all connected with anxiety or depression. Neverheless, you must ensure that healthy diet is a part of your treatment to cure anxiety and depression.

Another big myth is the claim that exercise is one of the best methods to cure anxiety and depression. No doubt, exercise has its own merits. But it is no good for curing depression. On the contrary certain types of exercises like tread mills can prove counter productive.

Awareness about these and other myths will help you attack the root cause of anxiety and depression, select the right treatment and overcome anxiety and depression permanently.