Better Sleep Without Drugs

You can have better sleep without drugs, including sleeping tablets. If you are currently using sleeping tablets to help you sleep then it is important to know that these, like other medications, do have side effects and can actually cause more problems than they help. If you are on other drugs, either recreational or prescription, these may also be affecting your sleeping patterns and stopping them may already bring relief from insomnia.

Better Sleep without Sleeping Tablets

Many people turn to sleeping tablets when they are having problems with insomnia; however this is not always the best idea. There are a number of different types of sleeping tablets on the market that come with various side effects. In addition, sleeping tablets can be addictive, become less effective over time, impair night time activities, and cause drowsiness the following day.

As an alternative you can try natural methods such as listening to relaxing music before bed, aromatherapy oils, herbal solutions, emotional freedom techniques, and other natural methods.

Better Sleep without Prescription Drugs

Please don’t go off any medicine without first consulting your doctor. It is important though to be aware that some prescription medication can cause problems with sleeping and you can get better sleep without drugs in some instances.

Some drugs, such as those used to treat hepatitis or lower cholesterol may cause depression. Since depression has been linked to insomnia this may mean that if you are taking these drugs you find it more difficult to sleep. Speak to your doctor about whether medication you are on could be causing depression or insomnia.

Other drugs may have other side effects which cause additional stress. If you are stressed by side effects then this could also express itself in difficulty sleeping.

Better Sleep without Recreational Drugs

Alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, and other drugs can cause depression or anxiety which are both causes of sleeplessness. If you are currently taking any recreational drugs you should consider stopping to ensure you get better sleep without drugs.

Drugs, whether prescription or recreational and including sleeping tablets can all actually increase your sleeping difficulties and if you are struggling with insomnia then it may be a good idea to speak to your doctor about any prescription drugs you are on, stop recreational drugs and instead choose natural methods to help you sleep.