Better Late Than Never – Attack the Back Ache Symptoms!

There are many reasons for back pain. Back ache symptoms are usually a result of malfunctioning of the spinal due to damage to the spine, ligaments, disks or muscles. These symptoms could occur due to an injury during accidents or due to exercise which causes inflammation in the spine. Back pain symptoms can be minor or major depending on the cause. Therefore their treatment also varies depending on the intensity of the pain.

Five Things You Should Know If You Encounter Symptoms Of Backache:

Are you confused about the nature of your back pain? Are you able to decide whether you should take a pain killer or visit a doctor? What could have been the intensity of the pain? Could these back ache symptoms lead to major problems? If these are some of the questions that bother you, answering these simple questions could help you solve your questions about back pain.

1. Since when am I facing the symptoms of backache?

The first and foremost thing to know about back pain is the period since when you have been facing the pain. Is your pain periodic or persistent? These questions will help you know if your pain is of acute or chronic nature. Acute pain usually usually lasts for weeks and can be cured immediately. However chronic pain may last for months and needs on-going treatment for complete relief.

2. Has there been a sudden transition in my routine?

A lot of times, sudden transition in the routine can be a root cause to the problem. Eg Change of work shifts, change of nature of job, sleeping habits etc.

3. Have I changed my exercise pattern or mode?

A change in exercise pattern or taking on learning a new sport may also be the cause of backache. eg: Back pain can be encountered during sports like tennis or badminton. These types of pains are muscle pains which are usually relieved by over-the-counter medications.

4. Am I over weight?

Obesity can also be a root cause to backache symptoms. As the lower back bears most of the weight of the body, excess weight can cause a back ache.

5. Has there been a recent change in any of the daily commodities that I use?

Watch Out!

Your new mattress, pillow or a new chair at work could also be the main culprit behind your backache. It is important to observe these changes carefully by alternating between two different commodities to understand the true cause.

Although back ache symptoms may seem to be a major problem, they could be cured to a great extent via back pain exercises. There are various exercises that one could undertake depending on the back ache symptoms. However it is very important to be regular with these exercises and take the right treatment to be able to cure these symptoms of back pain at an early stage.