Best Treatment For Eczema Skin Rash

Everyone has experienced eczema in some form. The difference is the stage and type of eczema. This difference determined how the person react and then decide the best treatment for eczema they suffer. Some even ignore them, and in some cases, due to the low stage of eczema they suffered, the eczema disease disappears on its own. But this eczema could disappear not because those people occupy a better body immune then others, but most likely because the cause of disease has disappear. For example the cracking heel due to cold weather, most likely disappear as the weather get warmer. This is an example of lower stage eczema, that although occur doesn’t bother the patient as much. But for other higher stage, it takes a suitable treatment for eczema to get rid of the problem.

One thing to remember is that eczema is not caused by external factor. It’s not the flower or the food that causes  rash ; it’s rather the person’s body that is allergic to a certain substance. A body has its own automatic immune system that blocked an external threat. It’s as simple as tear start flooding when smoke gets in your eye. That is one of dermatologist favorite song. Therefore, to find the correct treatment for eczema, a person must recognize what substance cause his body to react in form of  rash  and even worse, inflammation.

Home remedies is one on the most trusted and successful treatment for eczema. Many method, have been proven to be successful throughout centuries. We have heard of the use of olive oil or camphor and sandalwood to relief eczema. Also the usage of oatmeal on babies could relief a peeling skin, which is also a form of eczema. But never forget, that all this method is used in a certain way, and different way of application could decrease the rate of successfulness of the method.

For instance, to use oatmeal on babies with eczema symptoms, the oatmeal has to be mixed with warm water and then spooned thoroughly on the area that is infected and the surrounding area. After the oatmeal is soaked and while the area is still moist, rub the area of infection with plain olive oil, and dressed the area with loose fitting cotton pants. It takes approximately two days for the  rash  to completely disappear and for the skin to be exposed again. During the healing time,  rash  will gradually decrease, and the olive oil reduce and on some cases doesn’t exist.