Best Tea Tree Oil Cold Sore Treatment

Tea tree oil is a very useful remedy in treating cold sores. It has many benefits that beyond the scope of this article. If you are suffering from cold sores or fever blisters, it is important to understand what this oil is and what the benefits of it are in treating cold mouth sores?

Tea tree oil extract comes from the leaves of tea tree species; many people are unaware of this fact. Some say it is the best home remedy for fever blisters as it is an antibacterial, a fungicide, an antiseptic and a natural germicide all in one. Most of the high-quality oil is imported from Australia. It is not only effective in treating sores or fever blisters, but also beneficial in healing cuts, burns, scraps, infections, skin spot, and insect bites.

Various skin diseases like ringworms, nail fungus and athletes foot can be cured by using this oil. For the sake of treating athlete foot you will need to dilute the tea tree oil and then rub the solution between your toes. So whenever you face the problem of athlete foot, try it, it will surely give benefit to you.

Other benefits of this oil include healing of lice, mosquitoes and mites. Tea tree oil is considered as one of the best home cold sore remedies. If you are suffering from fever blisters you will just need to apply few drops of the oil on an affected area. Repeat the same at least 3-4 times a day. It will surely help you to fight of the fever blister.

Mouth ulcers, acne and planter's warts can be treated by using tea tree oil. Many believe it is the perfect home cold sore remedy which works well and helps you to eliminate fever blisters in few days. So you should try it at least once if you regularly suffer from cold sores. The best part is, you will get all sorts of health benefits in addition to the cold mouth sore treatment.