Best Psoriasis Cures

Psoriasis cures when a combination of diet with stress free lifestyle can be adopted successfully. Here are some major treatment options for psoriasis.

Dietary change: Psoriasis symptoms get reduced and show improvement in considerable degrees in changing dietary habit. Inclusion of omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins and zinc containing food is the best dietary combination in psoriasis patient.

Detoxification: With a good knowledge and understanding on diet, health and nutrition several detoxification methods can be adopted which produce significant health benefits as well as eliminate the disease symptoms. The main aim of detoxification is regular emission of the body’s toxic materials by enhancing and cleansing the liver and colon.

Topical ointment: Various topical ointment and moisturizers are necessary options to reduce the scaling, itching etc. symptoms.

Sunlight: In many patient psoriasis cures significantly by exposing to UVB rays of the sunlight in controlled manner. There is also some home equipment to apply UVB on the affected area.

Dead Sea salt: Rich mineral content of Dead Sea salt has been proved effective in many skin related disorder including psoriasis.

Pharmaceutical drugs: Several oral medication e.g. retinoids, methotrexate, cyclosporine hydroxyurea and injections e.g. alefacept (Amevive), etanercept (Enbrel), infliximab (Remicade) and ustekinumab (Stelara) are approved for the disease. But these should be used in severe cases when recovery of the disease is more important consideration than the possible side effects.

Homeopathic treatment: Different types of homeopathic medicine are proved safe for long term treatment of psoriasis particularly in reliving symptoms and managing stress.

Ayurvedic treatment: Psoriasis patient can select from a wide range of ayurvedic or herbal options that can work for them to manage the disease. Different herbs having anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidants, liver and colon cleanser properties are used to treat the disease. Long term use of herb is safe in most of the patients.

Stress management: By the very nature of the disease all patients experience mild to severe form of psychological stress. The disease aggravates when patient becomes mentally or physically stressed. Psoriasis cures effectively when a stress management plan is included in the treatment. Improved diet, physical exercise, yoga and meditation, and counseling session is the part of stress management process.