Best Home Remedy for Cold Sores


Cold sores are commonly called fever blisters and may result from the herpes simplex virus. They are contagious yet many people mistake them for canker sores, which are non-contagious mouth ulcers. Usually, you will see cold sores on the skin that is adjacent to the mouth, on the lips. However, they can appear on the fingers, genitals, chin, or nostrils. The medical term for cold cores is recurrent herpes labialis.

Herpes simplex is one of the dreaded viruses because the symptoms and effects of infections are numerous with cold cores inside of the mouth just being one symptom. Not to mention the fact, that there is no cure for the infection and the only thing you can do is use the best home remedy for cold sores for temporary relief. Furthermore, the symptoms of cold sores can be confused with other conditions. However, if you are diagnoses with herpes simplex keep in mind that there are home remedies and cold sore treatments. Also, keep in mind that this condition is very contagious and it is easy to pass it on to someone else through direct contact.

Conventional Treatments

Conventional treatments for cold sores usually consist of treatments via ointments and topical applications, while antibiotics are given to control and prevent secondary bacterial infections. To avoid picking up and spreading the infection it is always suggested to use latex condoms. Herpes simplex can be life threatening to newborn babies or any individual who has a weak immune system.

Signs of Cold Sores

The main sign that you have a cold sore is a visual small, painful and fluid-filled red or brown blister on the skin. Sometimes the blisters burst or ooze. After one or two days, you will probably notice a tingling sensation. In addition, carriers of the virus experience fevers, irritability and headaches. You may even experience difficulties swallowing foods and liquids. Itching and swelling of your lips may occur too. Your lymph nodes may swell and small children may drool. Symptoms can last from seven to ten days.

Even though cold sores are commonly associated with one’s lips, they can appear on your chin, fingers, and nostrils. Sometimes they do appear in your gums or cheeks however, that could also be a canker sore.

Outbreak of the condition

Before the appearance of the fully-fledged cold sores a noticeable tingling sensation is likely to be detected in the region of the rash and this might give a slightly inflamed and raised look. Sensitivity in this area is known by the term prodrome and noticed 24 to 48 hours prior to the cold sores materializing in the mouth, lip, or similar unfortunate area on the body.

An outbreak of cold sores is likely to see a recovery and clear-up without any intervention (no need for cold sore or herpes treatments). But the best home remedy for cold sores is fast and effective at relieving the symptoms, and reducing the tell-tale signs of the skin eruption.

In certain situations it helps to seek the advice of the family doctor, including those relating to experiencing irritation to the eyes, very frequent outbreaks, cold sores lasting longer than the one or two weeks, or someone with a weakened or compromise immune system due to pre-existing health conditions.

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