Best Home Remedies For Thrush


Being diagnosed with a fungal infection is never a pleasant experience, but it is a condition that almost half of all women will suffer from at some point in their lives. If you dread the thought of taking prescription drugs as a treatment, you should be relieved to discover that there are a number of proven home remedies for thrush that can be used.

By opting for the natural approach, you will not be laying yourself open to the potentially harmful side effects that can be experienced when taking pharmaceutical anti-fungal medication. Moreover a natural treatment is more likely to address the root cause of the problem.

Before you start following any treatment plan, it can be useful to identify why the problem has developed in the first place. If you have taken more than one course of antibiotics in the last few months, or have been using steroid medication, these can cause   dysbiosis  to occur in the body.  Dysbiosis  is a problem the develops when healthy bacteria that usually reside in the body’s mucous membranes and gut are killed off and an environment is created in which there can be an overgrowth of opportunistic yeast.

Stress is another factor that is believed to contribute to the development of thrush infections. When we are stressed it is much harder for out biological systems to maintain the right balance that prevents yeast and bacterial infections from taking hold.

A poor diet can also play a role in frequent fungal infections. If you love to eat junk food, especially carbohydrates and sugars, this will be providing the fuel that the yeast needs to thrive and take over.

There are a huge assortment of natural remedies you can use to help get rid of thrush once and for all. The treatment plan that you follow should involve a three stage process. First of all you should change your lifestyle in such a way that the yeast is not encouraged, for example by adhering to healthy diet rich in fiber and fresh vegetables. The next step would be to use a supplement each day to kill off the fungus, and the final stage would be to repopulate the body with healthy bacteria.

Garlic, oil of oregano, barberry, and goldenseal all have anti-fungal properties. If you were to take one or more of these supplements each day for a few weeks you should find that the yeast infection is brought under control.

Once you are aware that the problem is going away, you should continue with the yeast killer supplement and also add a good probiotic to your daily routine. Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that are needed in the body to minimize the chance of fungus taking hold. When taking a yeast killer and probiotics, you should do so at separate times of the day.

The best probiotics to fight thrush are those that contain Acidophilus. All probiotics need to be kept in the fridge otherwise the bacteria they have may become inactive. The best home remedies for thrush should always integrate a good probiotic.

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