Best Dog Shampoo


What makes the best dog shampoo? Being a child of the 70's, I remember bathing my dog ​​with this green stuff that smelled a little like engine degreaser mixed with medicine, topped off with the super fake smell of green apple; yes, those were the good old days.

Now, we are over a decade into the new millennium, and dog shampoo has evolved into something much more. I like to think of dog shampoo as coming in five different categories. You have the ultra cheap dog soap, often filled with common chemicals and artificial scents of the past. The next class of doggie cleanser uses a combination of higher quality scents, usually derived from natural ingredients, while still keeping the cost moderate by using older chemical formulas. Third is a class of canine soap that uses modern science, and a new family of chemicals. These modern formulations have been developed with few harmful ingredients, using recipes that are effective against specific issues your dog may be having. Next, we have all natural and even organic dog soaps; Many of these products are plant based, often being made from coconut, or olive oil, while utilizing roots, plants, and herbs to address any specific problems your furry friend may be having. Natural formulas, are screened with essential oils, and are going to be the best smelling without adding ingredients your pet does not need. Fifth and last on my list is; designer dog shampoo, many of these formulas come in pretty packaging, with fancy names and often are not worth the inflated prices.

Hylyt dog shampoo is a formula that was developed by veterinarians to treat the pain and itching associated with dog skin allergies. Unfortunately the manufacturer of this formula was closed by the FDA due to problems with one of their other product lines. There is good news for the people who rely on Hylyt, the formula has been picked up by another company and is now manufactured with an improved cleaner rinsing formula.

Many dogs do not need specialized dog soap. If your dog has developed skin and coat problems or is having issues with fleas and ticks, your best bet is to look at the health of your dog. All dogs benefit from a healthy diet. Your dog food bag may say healthy and balanced however, this is often not the case. I urge you to research your dogs food, learn how to read your dog food labels. Look at your dogs health and nutrition, before buying specialized dog products.

My best dog shampoo recommendation for healthy dogs, without allergies, is look for natural ingredients, read your labels, request information about the specific soap. Avoid products that rely on chemicals of the past and choose products with simple plant based ingredients.