Best DJ Turntable for Spinning Like a Pro

Although the ever advancing electronic age has forced several industries to change the way they do business, DJ's turntables have been enhanced in a way that ensures they'll never have to stop the track before they're ready. Upgrades and new features have enhanced the spinning experience rather than hindered it. With so many options on the market, DJs can fall in love with vinyl all over again if they're not ready to commit to digital. Taking into consideration key factors such as the shape of the arm, upgraded functionality, price and pitch, here are the best DJ turntables on the market.

Stanton's ST-150 Digital Turntable is a powerful contender for Technic's top model, the SL-1210MK5. The Stanton allows DJs to set their start / brake speed to their taste wherever it be lightening fast or super slow and with significant torque LPs can be stopped and started on command. Additional features that make the Stanton best in its category include: a reverse function, a S / PDIF digital output for connection to audio interfaces and therefore DAW applications, selectable pitch control, and a height-adjustable tone arm. Unlike some turntables, this one does not feature USB connectivity. However, the stability of the design and structure combined with a slipmat and cables, makes this turntable the clear front-runner in the category.

Although the lack of extras and add-ons make it seem old school, the Technics SL-1210MK5 is the new generation of a mainstay in the turntable world. It is extremely stable and the +/- 8% pitch control will prove to be on par for whatever track is spinning. Seeing and scratching is made easier on this deck with an illuminated stylus. The price is higher than the Stanton, but the Technics track record is undeniable.

Other top picks include the Numark TTX Professional, the Vestax PDX-3000MKII and the Numark TT-200 Direct-Drive. The Numark TTX earns techy points for it's USB connectivity for vinyl-to-digital conversion. It also features an illuminated display that monitors BPM, RPM, pitch and motor settings. The Vestax's key MIDI connectivity proves to be a valuable asset, but the tone arm is straight which is a disadvantage for those who prefer the S-shape tone arm. The Numark TT-200 is the most inexpensive on the list and has dual servo brake switches which allows for club and battle-style positioning. However, many will find that the lack of a quartz lock a deal-breaking disadvantage.

Whether it's digital or vinyl, playing for a crowded club or bragging rights in a battle, there are plenty of great options for professional DJs and those who want to spin like them.